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Biaolin Pan Biaolin Pan
Nice cargo net
Can I order an extra accessories? The set of cutters is a little bigger, it is difficult to make it turn.I have a 50 Ft x 1/2 Inch Drain Cleaner, Can I order a small set which is used for 3/8 cable?Thanks
Pastor FuZz Pastor FuZz
You get what you pay for.
This item would rate better but was 5 days late! “Prime” customers shouldn’t have to wait like that.
Bill Moses Bill Moses
Cuts great so far
A bit wobbly, mounting could have been designed a bit better and more secure. Over all: it'll get the job done with intermediate skills. Can be dangerous if you don't wear protective eyes glasses and gloves. When spinning, the wet snake will squirt all over. Take into account where u place it while using. Can go both ways.. as you can see from the pic. I got out quite a bit of roots from the main line. It already paid for itself, first use.When I got done, I just took a shower from all the beautiful things in the sewer, and than i stepped outside again, a bird landed some more beautiful things on me... thanks, super fun times...
75' x 3/8" Drain Cleaner 250 W Drain Cleaning Machine Sewer Clog w/ Cutters
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Does the job!
I'm a general contractor. I'm not a plumber!I need to clear drains from time to time and priced right for my business. I've used it twice in the last few weeks and it works great! The only thing I didn't like about it was is heavy and a bit difficult to carry around.I will be welding on some wheels and a handle to make it easy to move! M.M.
Tatiana Emanuel Tatiana Emanuel
T Emanuel
Product worked great. I used it on two drains. Multiple heads to choose from and easy to change out. The rotation of the drum seemed a little wobbly and I suspect this was from the weight and unevenness of the 50 foot 3/8" snake it contained rotating around in the small barrel it was housed in. It was not as sturdy as the equivalent rentals, but it will have paid for itself in dollars in just a few more uses. The convenience of not having to go back and forth to the rental store is priceless. If I called roto-rooter it would have cost me the price of the equipment and then some with one plugged drain.
Rodney Taylor Rodney Taylor
Dislike the poorly written instructions
Eilam B. Eilam B.
great customer support
this particular tool did not work for me but the company was very helpful .all in all, i was happy and am going to get a second auger from them.
Megaleg Megaleg
Would purchase again
Works well. Bought it to replace one that was over 30 years old. Doesn't feel as heavy duty but it does the job.
A.R. Kansas A.R. Kansas
Decent value.ARumpel
Received it Friday, used it Saturday. Cable is more flexible than a similar model that I used. That did allow me to go down a drain that I couldn't with the other auger. Worked good for the money. So far, so good.
Joyce Proctor Joyce Proctor
Excellent product for price.
Wheels would have been nice.
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