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vic vic
Love it
most needed, Thank you works like a charm, in my business is used every single day. my workers love it and so do I. Thanks
Mike Mike
Machine nailed it!!! Quick delivery over the Xmas holidays. Excellent quality. Put it to work right away. Did the job needed.
Brian F Brian F
Works Great
Had some clogged outdoor drains. Initially rented a unit from a large home improvement store. Still had issues and decided to purchase this Vevor unit. It was similar to the unit I rented and worked great. I was able to remove some good size debris balls from the drain which helped to improve the water flow. So glad I purchased this unit as I can use it when needed vs renting from the store.
Deborah Deborah
Worked great cleaned the drain out. Had several companies come out to do it. The next morning it was stopped up again. It has been over a month and it is still good. Love it and so happy that I don't have to pay someone to do it. They said it was cleared and it was not.They just wanted the money. I will never call a plumber again! Thanks again.
Bobby Bobby
0.5 inch
used it right after i got it and it cleaned out a stopped up 4" pipe that would have cost me appr $100 with a plumber!
Lou Lou
Resolved my sewer line problem with this.
I used the machine successfully with a special attachment and was able to remove all the roots. Roots had been interfering with the flow for a long time. I carefully chose what was right for me from the Vevor website and purchased one for treating 4 in pipes. The machine has 75 ft of 1/2 thick cable with a manual feed , which I prefer. I'm pleased with the product and I recommend it.
Brent Brent
0.5 inch
Property Mgr
Used it once and it worked. I like the compact size, wheels, range of tips, and visibility of snake storage. It needs a taller handle to move it around to allow standing up. Wheel locks worked fine. Also, the open basket tended to sling filthy water everywhere as the snake was pulled back into its storage drum. Wobbled a bit, as well. An enclosed drum could have prevented the slinging but also prevents easy access to cable reel when something goes wrong. Overall pleased with the unit.
Tom Tom
Good tool
Used professionally for when larger machines won't fit to access sewer or there's a break less flexible cable can't get passed (to offer relief till repair can be made) Machine moves alot more than I would like so if using on finished flooring put barrier under it to protect area. Otherwise works better than expected. Great machine for grease clogs and wipes. Wouldn't try it on roots just asking for trouble with flexibility of cable. Can recommend for simple clogs.
Gershon Gershon
Mr. G
Good to use and great to own! My clog was in the last 10 ft. remaining of the cable I will never have to wait again if I need it.
David fernandez David fernandez
More of a question hoping someone could help me
I like the machine it did the work for me so there’s no complaints about it, however can any one help me to fix this issue i came across, while i was working with it, my helper trip with the cord and it came off, can anyone tell me where each color its to be plug back? So i can go back to work…….Thank you in advance to anyone helping me out.

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