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Daniel Tellez Daniel Tellez
Make sure to use plenty of ground steaks to hold this product in place. If done as instructed this product will perform as expected!
Katniss Katniss
Does the job
Exactly what I needed to lift a sunken sidewalk up.Couple tips:1. The dimensions are flexible. 9x17 is only 1 possible configuration, the now you pull in 1 direction the less you will have in the other. So you really need to consider how many "grids" you need. I'm not even sure how you would estimate, but I thought I could use 2, ended up needing just over that.2. Fill with gravel SLOWLY. If you just dunno the rocks on with a wheelbarrow, they will get under the grid and lift it up. It's very difficult to get out back down without removing the rocks.
Bob Dyna Bob Dyna
It has many uses, very strong.
I liked that it was fairly inexpensive, it’s very easy to work with. I used it for a large out door dog kennel, put over 2 1/2 ton of pea gravel in and around it, turned out great! You could easily park a car on it to use as a car parking area.
Freddie Freddie
Worked just as advertised, will use again.
Product was strong. Held road gravel.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Easy to set up
This product is awesome! The horses no longer have to walk through 4 inches of mud to get into the barn!! Highly recommend
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
We used a mix road gravel the result was a solid cement like pad for our hot tub nothing washes away
Hot tub pad on a hill
Jean B. Jean B.
Awesome Product!
This grid is awesome! We installed an ungrounds pool that needed landscaping. The yard is sloped and we bought these to secure dirt for a new flower bed. It is high quality, easy to install, easy to cut and is working perfectly! We love it!
great product
We used this product for a landscape project on the side of a cliff. It proved it's worth in the first rain, great design easy to use and install.
Victor Victor
Just what we needed
Perfect for holding the hillside. We were able to shape it to fit the space without having to cut any of it. We filled with deep mulch and it works perfectly! So pleased with the purchase.
Donavan Pelletier Donavan Pelletier
Works well!!
Purchased to keep in place decorative river rock and gravel in landscape. Works surprisingly well. The cells keep rocks in place and gravel barely scatters when driven over. Took away a star since the installation is truly back breaking and requires helper to stretch the grid. All in all, the product is great for my application and serves it purpose well. Time will tell how it holds up to the climate (Summer heat and rain).

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