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Joe Joe
Great price
I use it to knock the freeze off in my garage. I won't say it heats it as its a 300 sq ft room so way bigger then it is meant for, but it sure does help!
Denis T. Denis T.
8000kw Diesel Heater
Installed in my garage- small garage one car. No insulation. It’s always been a challenge to heat it under the circumstances. Out of all the jobs on my to do list garage will end up being last. Used propane heater before and it would heat it but would go through one bbq tank in8-12 hrs. Depending on how cold it is outside. This unit I have been running on and off for two weeks now. Don’t know total of hours but would guess around 20 hr. Only used one gal. Diesel at $6.00 a gal. Units heats up garage with in a 1/2 hr. It’s comfortable, toasty within an hour. Unit was easy to install. It’s been working great from day one. Great purchase.
Kenneth Jackson Kenneth Jackson
Very easy to install I put it in my excavator to keep the operator warm. It makes operator able to keep working when it is very cold.
Kevin Senecal Kevin Senecal
Great heater, not so great customer Service.
I received my heater later than it was expected first of all. Once I received the heater I tried to get it running off my Jackery, but the output wattage was too low. I ended up testing it out on a motorcycle battery until I could get a 12V DC 15 Watt power supply. The unit would not turn on. I opened up the shell of the unit and found out that the connector from the main harness to the controller was very loose. I got the unit to power on, but as soon as you moved the wires around the unit shut off. I sent a ticket in and Vevor asked for video and pictures. I sent those in. They looked at it but couldn't do anything. They offered me $40 to have it fixed on my own. I said yes and they never refunded $40. I ended up fixing the unit on my own by putting spade connectors on the ends and connecting the leads. I used a Multimeter to figure out what leads were connected in the connector. After I did this, the heater started up and has been working great since. I'm heating my basement with it on the lowest setting. The tank lasts a little over a day on a gallon of diesel. My basement stays at a good 50 to 55 degrees. This is fine with me since I just want to keep the pipes from freezing. So other than that connector issue, the heater is great, Vevor service isn't great and even with their refund offer, they never did refund me.
Serenity Serenity
Confusing instructions for setup of controller, installation ones ok. Runs good and puts out lots of hot air. Exhaust pipe gets extremely hot, lots of wasted heat. Included fuel tank is missing part for tube connector. Have used for several weeks with 25l of kerosene fuel.
Gary Gary
1st time Vevor customer
This diesel heater works better than I expected. There was some slight shipping damage but Vevor made it right with me. The company is very quick to respond to a complaint.
C.dawson C.dawson
Trying it out in one semi truck. To see it i like it so far it worked seamlessly. I will be installing in my entire fleet.
Cory Cory
off grid living
I have two complaints and that's all. the heat delivery pipe was too short and thin to pipe the heat where I needed. A longer better pipe should be offered by the company. the second was the controller directions were wrong and I had to find an obscure video of a man with the same problem that helped solve my problem.
Ronnie Ronnie
This thing is great, was easy to figure out and install. I got a 120 to 12 converter to power it and am using it in my shop. Is a 24 x 30 with 12 foot ceiling it works good on days at 50 deg. Takes a while but it gets comfortable. Thinking about getting another.
Oliver Oliver
Decent heater
Works really well easy to use. The main fan went out after 5-6 months but I like it enough to buy another one.

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