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Mole Mole
Great Value
Most chain hoists are far more expensive than this one. It can be a little clunky at times- chains do not always run smoothly - but it works. I'd guess from a visual inspection of the parts that it will lift 2 tons safely and it's not at all badly made. I wouldn't want to use this or any other manual chain hoist for that matter to lift things on a day in day out basis but for occasional use this product is just fine.
Brad Brown Brad Brown
This is a China product
It is made in china and I probably would not try and lift 2 tons with them but they are not to bad
New User New User
The unit I recieved had some of the issues others had reported on. None of which can't be overcome.First was the packaging, not very good. Hoist came a bit banged up but a couple minutes with a pair of pliers got it acceptable.Second was a bit more challenging. The lift chain would only go up or down a few inches. This was due to the lift chain having a twist in it at the point where it "anchors" to the hoist. Easy enogh to rectify, loosen nuts that hold the two halves together and take out the twist.While the side covers were off was a good time to grease the inside mechanisms. Overall I'm happy with puchase, not sure I'd trust lifting 2000#'s with it. I plan on using mine to lift and store a snow cab off my garden tractor, for that it should work just fine. For the money it seems like a good enough unit.
Oil boy Oil boy
Great balue!
Works good, kind of cheaply made but works well and seems like it will last a long time.
Gar Gar
Great Value
Hard to use when chain hangs up on sprocket. Otherwise good for the price
Barry S Mitchell Barry S Mitchell
Pretty decent
I needed a chain hoist for my basement to unload items 100-200lbs from a lawn cart. I installed a lift point on a double floor joist over where I could pull a cart. It is as advertised it seems. The only problem I had was the chains were tangled up and I had to pull the two covers off to rearrange them. The only way to do that was to suspend it first, however which made it a little troublesome. Overall I'm satisfied with the item and its cost. It worked for a150lb unload just fine. I doubt that I'd ever get up to the 1T capacity, however.
Richard Mechanik Richard Mechanik
Works well. Good price.
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