Customer Reviews

Richard Mechanik Richard Mechanik
Works well. Good price.
recheck hardware on chain fall
I just brought a new one ton Vevor chain fall and the first I notice was the nuts on inside of the shell cover were loose. Just retighten the nuts and you can enjoy your new chain fall.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works out standing
It works great
Daniel Daniel
Air bag jack
Works great, seems sturdy
Gerry Gerry
ease of use
It arrived with the hand chain jammed behind the pulley. Removed the cover and put chain onto the pulley. The hoist operates smoothly. It is not the same as the picture shows, The picture shows one chain going down to the load hook. The one I received had 2 chains going to the load hook and a pulley on top of the hook (see picture). I am confident it will lift the 1500 lb generator it was purchased for.
VEVOR Chain Hoist Chain Block 1 Ton Capacity 7 Feet Lift Steel Construction Red VEVOR Chain Hoist Chain Block 1 Ton Capacity 7 Feet Lift Steel Construction Red
Gar Gar
Great Value
Hard to use when chain hangs up on sprocket. Otherwise good for the price
ricky wiginton ricky wiginton
Five Stars
Easy to use , great value
Brad Brown Brad Brown
This is a China product
It is made in china and I probably would not try and lift 2 tons with them but they are not to bad
Rick and Kash Rick and Kash
Did just what I needed it for!!!!
Bought this from the "scratch and dent " part. Have always wanted one but never wanted to spend the money. This was on sale for $40. Gave it a chance and there was one small nut missing and the chain to raise and lower it was jammed. It took me all of 30 seconds to fix it. The box it was delivered in had slight damage. It works great just like it is supposed to..
Brent Schmitt Brent Schmitt
Good Price and Quality Machine
Used to unload a large concrete fountain
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