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Mike Mike
I did not need a commercial wire stripping machine, but I needed something faster than a pocket knife to strip wire from redoing a small commercial building. This striper is working great - both hand turning or with a power drill.
William Santiago William Santiago
Expert Electrician
Very easy to use compact, and cut with out problem. High quality product and exellent price. Assembly very fast.
Sara Sara
No Aqua Blue
This product is worth the price hands down. easy to use and makes our ability to recycle wire faster and more profitable
MarkWelder MarkWelder
No Blue
Should have bought years ago
Don't know why I did so much stripping by hand. Should have bought one of these years ago. Easy to use and works great.Great tool!
E.R. E.R.
My review
Ok this thing does need adjusting, the gripper wheels must be centered to cut wheel depending on wire gage. I’ve noticed it won’t do wire under 12 gauge cause center cut wheel hits the gripper wheels. Oh and also center wheel seems to be a bit wobbly… Have fun and strip naked my friends
Eddie Eddie
End user
This wire stripper works really well. You have to be patient and have your wire unrolled and straight first. I've been using it for several weeks and stripped different types of electrical wire with no problems at all. I highly recommend this wire stripper to any scrapper.
Nicely built, sturdy manual wire stripper with smooth action and nice results. This device is inexpensive, in comparison with many other strippers, and works great. Highly recommended.
Lynn Bailey Lynn Bailey
Made the adjustments needed for the wire size and it works great.... wish i had gotten one a long time ago
scrapman scrapman
lead scrap maker
I bought this to finally end my scrap wire pile. Finally an affordable device to do a very boring and tiring job. And this thing works. Just the way it is supposed to. Start a wire crank the handle and peel that casing off. Wow no more cut fingers or sore hand joints. I may even try driving it with my battery powered drill. The price was real reasonable, thsy ship super fast and it works.
Robert Robert
Home owner
This hand stripper works great!!!!!!! I am stripping small 16 gauge wire and it has no problem slicing open the insulation. It is well build. I can use a electric drill or add a motor to drive the unit. They give you are screw with six sides to attach your electric drill if you want. It also comes with three allen wrenches and 4 nuts, bults and washers so you can attach the base to some thing larger. I just stuck the pase in my vice for now and it work okay.

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