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ted houston ted houston
Good quality mini lathe.
Good tool for making bushings and doing some light threading. Great for mobile service truck use.
V. Pippin V. Pippin
just right
Works as expected and no I didnt get the steady rest either but knew I might not. however shipping was very slow from NSD but amazon did check updates and call me about delivery.
Al Nieber Al Nieber
home owner
nice lathe works real well on Aluminum and steel. this comes feom someone that replaced my larger older lathe
Kindle Customer Kindle Customer
Understand what to expect
The expectation I had when I bought this was based on online research and reviews. It is a lathe that you can disassemble to the point where you can lift separate components and put wherever you want without heavy rigging. It will make serviceable cuts on aluminum, brass, and steel- AFTER YOU DO A LOT OF WORK ON IT. It will never be a lathe that you can take heavy cuts and do production work, it just doesn't have the size or mass and never will. Comparable size lathes of heavier construction and delivered quality are more expensive and less portable. You do get what you pay for and mass does count in machine tool rigidity.Many will correctly tell you this is essentially a "kit that arrives assembled". You will need to fully or almost fully disassemble, clean, file, stone, machine, replace some items, and alter some design features before it operates at its weight class capability. Some of these handworking operations are going to wear you out, an example is correcting the variation in thickness at the back of the ways. You can run it without this correction, but it will run better with it. At time of this review, I'm in the middle of that. You'll need the lathe running to make some of the parts to make it run better, expect to take some pieces apart more than once. There is a lot of help for these repairs and upgrades online, no really useful info is in the supplied manual. Everything I've read or seen in videos so far is true - mine came with all the expected original design limitations and final finish/assembly deficiencies.The seller was extremely good to work with. I reported the unexpected issue of lathe way pitting and non-functional lead screw gearing. The lathe pitting is not correctable, but won't affect operation - just looks nasty, the only positive is it will likely help hold oil on the ways just like the way scrapings on higher end machines but less pretty. I expect the gearing problem to be correctable by resetting the control positions and adding spac
Sarah Sadlowski Sarah Sadlowski
great price very happy with it
great price very happy with it works good i was surprise
Your winky is Dinky Your winky is Dinky
This company is a scam
This company will sell you crap that dont last. When you try and use the 12 month warranty, good luck. No response, or if you do it's just a runaround with no resolution from them..once you give them money..that's a company thats U.S. bases and has respect and pride for their customers
T.K. T.K.
Dont buy from this company
They do not allow reviews with less than 4 stars, they dont want people to really see the truth about them..they are a joke, they dont stand behind their so called one year warranty ... I wasted 1200.00 on a crap lathe that took a crap in 4 months. Bow it's a pile of scrape or pay 500.00 out of pocket for new electronics..FU Vervo
Reiley Reiley
Nice product and great seller
Easy to use and very powerful. Needs to be tuned for better precision.

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