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Runswithbeer Runswithbeer
220v/120V 60hz model
PLEASE make these for the U.S. Market. 48V dc 220v/120V 60hz 5000Watt model I have your 24V 120V 3500Watt PSW Inverter and it is a thing of Beauty. You could help solve the worldwide energy problem and save the planet... ;-)
David H David H
I'm in the USA and use this off grid; with stepdown to 115v.
I ordered this unit for the price and flexibility to be fully off grid. Here in the USA, 220v appliances are scarce, so I use a step down converter to go from the units 220v ac to 115v ac in my cargo camper equiped with two 305watt solar panels and two 181ah 12v telecomm batteries (in series). This all in one hybrid covers all the bases (pwm solar charge controller, inverter, shore power battery charger and converter). With a separate stepdown to 115v for the States, you have a pretty much plug and play option.I must admit, I had a problem with my first unit the day I received it in the mail. I contacted the seller, and within 5 days, I had a fully functional replacement. I am in IT for 20 years (former eBay employee), so I know things happen during shipping and equipment sometimes gets dingged around.* 5 stars for service. The seller is responsive and responsible.* 5 stars for the product that works as advertised.* 5 stars for the best value for my money.Very satisfied and would buy again from this seller.
Good for home use with the PWM controller
Good for home use with the PWM controller to protect batteries against overheating and delay the batteries life. works very well for me and protects batteries for their low decharge point automatically ! also good thing for the budget... Recommand it and prepare to have an other for parallel coupling to boost my required...
Zachary Wahome Zachary Wahome
3kva 24v Mppt Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter Built-in Solar Charge Controller
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