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Good quality
Fair price, good quality. I haven't used it yet.
stephil400 stephil400
good price
It took a little longer to get but they contacted me and offered to refund if I didn’t want to wait to me that means everything I would buy it again and would recommend this to others
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Most comprehensive tools, good quality and yet cheaper than others
Esta guía es muy buena, el único problema es hay un tornillo que no deja pasar el otro tornillo, hay que quitar uno para qué pasa el otro pero no es un gran problema, les recomiendo
Tom C Tom C
I bought a different, less expensive knife grinding jig that I thought would fit my needs.... I was wrong.I'm a somewhat new knife maker, but I e been at it enough to know what I need, and what works and what doesn't. The previous jig I had was not "true" and had a bent level set screw, right milled pieces, and was just all over unfinished mostly.This particular jig from vevor is absolutely amazing, both by comparison to the other, but also all on it's own. If I would have purchased this before, I would never have needed anything else.Every little piece is quality, and perfectly aligned.The screws fit perfectly in all the pre tapped holes, the slide pieces are pwdt fit and slide, and so exactly what is expected of them.The bevel adjustment / set bolt / bar is precise, and moves in increments that allow for fine adjustment without any hassle. The threads are smooth, yet right enough to set by hand, but also stay out of you don't lock it down with the finger screw / adjustment "set screw".I am not kidding when I say just using this jig makes my knife making improved to the point of pro level with the grinds I can produce now .I will update this post with pictures soon once I get them all ready for upload. I should.hav3 waited to post, but I couldn't wait as I needed tomout the word out. I almost passed this item by as the lack of reviews and info, so I wanted to post it now, that's how amazing this jig is!TL:DR: if you need a knife grinding jig, and aren't sure, you cannot go wrong with this one, everything is perfect!
T-Rex T-Rex
Well made with smart features
Allows very precise and even grinding, even for a beginner. The designer has considered the typical issues that people have with jigs and work holding, and they have done a very nice job in resolving them. Well worth the money. It will pay for itself in work quality and efficiency very quickly. Highly recommend. Best jig I've bought (and I've made and bought many over the years).
Jeremy K. Jeremy K.
Works better then Expected
easy to use, keep in mind that some of the screw holes are not usable due to the fittings on the adjustment side.
Lyle Steve Bublitz Lyle Steve Bublitz
Amazing customer service
Very nice jig. Very solid. The plate on the bottom is very smooth and allows the jig to be moved without any resistance. The angle guide is a very nice feature.
Gene T. Gene T.
Honkin Great
It's really a nice jig although the screws on the bottom needed to be countersunk a little deeper but it is a great help for grinding a bevel, I'd recommend it if you make knives.
Anthony Anthony
Super solid build quality, great flexibility for mounting options. Don't think there's a better deal for a better jig out there. You may have to get a bit creative with fixture options though, and there was an instance where I had to grind into the jig itself slightly, for clearance to do the bevel.
Igor Nikolcevic Igor Nikolcevic
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Looks very good
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