Customer Reviews

Joseph Roberts Joseph Roberts
Missing mounting strap
Works well, just didn't come with all the pieces. Had to make my own mounting straps.
Jarl Seamus Jarl Seamus
Stable and well made
I've used this for 2 days work now and feel like it is a solid tool. The construction is clean and precise, all screws and fittings are very well done, countersunk, and tight. The turnbuckle style adjuster is made to very tight tolerances, with no discernable lash or slop, and the protractor scale on the slide gives a pretty precise idea what your grind angle is set for.The nylon base plate cover allows the jig to slide freely on my tool rest and flipping the blank from left to right was a breeze. It's also seemingly all aluminium and stainless so periodic dunking in a quench pail shouldn't damage it.Only one issue I've notices, the upper bolt that holds the adjuster on was a bit long, and got in the way of the hold-down slider. A quick trim off of maybe 1/8" with an angle grinder and it's perfect. Overall, for the price point, I would have a hard time suggesting an improvement, it feels built to last and I'm sure I'll get a lot of mileage from it.(This is NOT a sponsored or paid review)
Jeffery Meek Jeffery Meek
Works well.
Haven’t used much although when I have, is works well. Product description is on point.
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