Robert McNelly Robert McNelly
1st Time Syrup Making
This pan suited my needs pretty well and the price was reasonable. One issue I had was the thermometer port was too high. Boiling sap works best when the level is maintained at about 2". The thermometer port was above that level, so I drilled and installed a bulkhead port lower to allow the probe to be about the 1" depth.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Not a dividing pan
Nice craftsmanship. Quality built. But the center divider does not touch the bottom of the pan.
S Harris S Harris
A very nice pan
The pan arrived and was very nice, the edges of the stainless were kinda sharp from the shear, filed the edges and went to cooking! The pan did have a have ding in the corner on the bottom seam, most surely came from the shipper.
Fisher Fisher
Well built
I have not used the pan yet as it was purchased for making maple syrup. Seems very well built.
10xMusical 10xMusical
Great pan, not so great ball valve
I got this pan to improve the speed and efficiency in evaporating maple sap into syrup. Previously I was using the double propane burner pictured along with two restaurant steam table pans. That set up worked but it was painfully slow and wasted allot of propane. I'm happy to say this evaporator pan worked as expected. It cut my time and propane use about in half. One annoying thing is the included ball valve leaks. It releases about one drop every 5 to 10 seconds. You can see a drop ready to fall in the photo. The rate of drip is tolerable but annoying none the less. I'll be buying a better valve.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Worth the price got it on sale for $88
Good heavy duty pan welds are good gave it four stars because the valve they sent with it leaks doesn't look like it's put together correctly I'll tear it down and see if it's fixable but the pan itself looks like a good pan
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Good looking sap pan.
I ordered the pan with a divider and thermometer. They sent one with neither of them. After contacting them they made a nice credit to my account. The pan looks very nice. Nice forming. Clean welding. Excellent finishing.
Jessica Klemens Jessica Klemens
Great for maple syrup
Use this for making maple syrup. Works as expected.

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