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bob, Mayer of yes bob, Mayer of yes
I rolled the device and won.
Being new to TIG welding, I did a lot of research and YouTube watching. I created a checklist of what I thought I needed and this was the cheapest on Amazon that checked all the boxes. So far, DC welding has been great. The pedal is only in/off so I haven't bothered with it, I use the already installed switch on the torch. Everything seems to be easy to setup once you understand the settings and this novice has been having great success with it.If I was to have a main complaint, it is with the regulator, it didn't fit my tank and I bought another $25 regulator to resolve the problem.
Nathanial Nathanial
200A Mechanical Panel
Powerful cheap welder
Unboxed the unit and got a good look at all of it first. Comes with all the leads and a cheapy welding mask lol. The tig torch is surprisingly good, has a nice switch on the torch. The ground and stick torch are nice and sturdy but unfortunately the leads for them are pretty short only about 5 or 6 foot. That said I have welded half inch hardened steel and as thin as 20ga thin wall tubing.
160A Mechanical Panel
This welder machine makes an amateur feel himself like an expert.
I feel it is very worthy to spent every dollar on this welder.
Brett Brett
200A Mechanical Panel
Good tig for the price. Using it for body work on an old car. Works fine for sheet metal. Have not used for anything else.
Paul Michel Paul Michel
200A Mechanical Panel
Good for a cheap welder
I've got about 6 hours of welding time on it, now. For the money, it's not bad at all. Just don't try any heavy material. I'm pretty sure if you stick to thin metal, it should be ok. Four star, it only added 10 horsepower to my car. Gotta add 25 horsepower if you want 5 star. I have to poop, now. Thank you
Victor Victor
How do I run a remote which one do I buy ??? Can’t find one for it
Where do I find a remote and how do I wire it I’ve tried a few still can’t get it to work
Donald Patterson Donald Patterson
Welder does work on 220 volts
Despite the answer from the "The company" this welder does work on 220 volts. Simply order an adapter and plug it into 220 and it works. I went through customer support and waited a week for an answer and they finally said if only works on110 volt despite the product description and the labeling on the product. I then asked the question on the product page an amazon and a user said get an adapter which I already had. Plugged it in and walla! I had tought this was the answer but wanted to be sure. The welder works fine and seems to get more power from 220.
Brian Holliday Brian Holliday
Great little start up machine
I purchased this for mainly Alum and steel TIG, the machine settings are great, lots of adjustment! I do recommend getting several other size rods, the 3/16 rods it comes with are for very light material. Changing the foot pedal is a must for alum welding. Overall I'm very pleased with the performance and ease of use of this machine!
Brian Mitchell Brian Mitchell
Best welder and customer service I've ever seen
Hi my name is Brian Mitchell. And just wanted to let everyone know just how good of a company this is. I ordered a 270-mig welder and I got it three days after ordering it. Which I have to say is one of the quickest delivery times I've seen so far especially in this pandemic. But I have to say to get in three days was spot on couldn't ask for a quicker delivery. But the welder came in damaged and some of the stuff that was supposed to be in it was not. So I sent them a email that Monday cause I got it on a Saturday. But I sent them no lie every bit of 15 to 20 emails. And let me tell you they was quick to answer every single one of them. And they did it the very next day most companies it's worst then pullin teeth to get someone to answer you. But these people answered every one and they was nice and polite in every message. And they ended up giving me a refund after all was said and done and I turned around and bought another tig welder from them. I was so impressed with the customer service and I will continue to purchase things from this company. And I would in courage anyone looking for a welder that doesn't have the money to purchase a big fantasy welder from miller or Lincoln or any of the other companies to look at vevro first because the customer service is spot on and the equipment is to. I have to say both the welders are fantastic and weld just as good or better then the big fantasie welders. And you'll get a lot better customer service. They made me a customer for life hands down. I thank each and every one of the reps that I dealt with. Y'all have been amazing and I'll keep spreading the word As far as I can. Agin A Big Thank You To All That helped Me THANK YOU Brian Mitchell
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
200A Mechanical Panel
Works better than expected. Push butten on torch gas and arc start, no touch required. Upper knob is amps lower knob is gas delay. Tested on 120v. Both tig and stick work well for home hobby use.

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