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Love you
Lawrence Salemme Lawrence Salemme
Sturdy, pretty, UNSEALED WOOD
Good value, sets up exactly as pictured. The butcher block is unfinished wood. Sanded, yes, but porous. Legs get about a half inch of play to level the table.
Audra Caffrey Audra Caffrey
Well built. Good price. Just as described. Easy to assemble. I love the idea of shelves versus having to buy more tables that take up space.
Random Random
48 x 24 inch
Great consumer grade prep table for those who are on a budget
This is a generally well made table, with a two layer oak top (definitely NOT MAPLE), stainless metalwork (except for the leg sockets that bolt to the underside of the table top, which seem to be carbon steel, or perhaps a much lower grade of stainless than the legs and bottom shelf) and overall very nice fit & finish for the asking price.The top came pre-finished with some sort of open oil treatment, but there were three "fills" where knots or chips in the wood were covered with wood filler. If you intend to use this as a direct cutting or dough working surface, then that could be an issue, but if you're just using it as a utility table, then they should be no problem. I chose to re-sand the top at 220 grit and apply an oil that also contains beeswax, but for many users that would be unnecessary, since the finish it comes with is pretty OK and much better than I had expected!The legs and bottom shelf are stainless steel (hardware too by the look), but quite thin/light compared to a real commercial prep table, they will undoubtedly do fine in most home kitchens, but I would take the rated weight capacity as a maximum value, not as a working load. The bottom shelf should also be loaded with lighter items near the center and heavier near the legs, if you want to put a lot of stuff on it's just relatively thin sheet steel and has no reinforcing frame (most commercial tables have either much heavier gauge sheet metal, or a frame, or both).The adjustable feet work well and have large bottoms that should be fairly kind to floors, but the core of the foot is plastic and small shreds of plastic that were deformed when the upper part of each adjustable foot was crimped into the bottom of their corresponding leg are visible at those seams.It didn't come with any instructions, but there's only one possible way that it goes together, if you aren't at all mechanical, then get a friend who is to help with assembly. As a bonus though, it did come with one extra piece of
Sholokov Sholokov
Vevor, but product not up to their name.
The surfaces can stain, the metal is thin and flimsy. Makes noise with expansion and contraction due to warm items. Unlike other commercial products the middle rack can only be adjusted at 3 pre-defined locations.
heathmb heathmb
Good but
Just like photo, works as expected
Javy R. Javy R.
36 x 24 inch
its a nice table. smaller than advertised but still decent quality. Mine came with broken hooks
i like the maple butcher block its real wood nice and heavy. Stainless steel frame its good enough for size of table. it was definitely smaller than advertised everything is of by an 1” or so and my hooks had one that was broken and it was actually missing. i was refunded some money back for the damage making it worth keeping the table. I am using it as an island its perfect for that
1 eyed worm 1 eyed worm
Kitchen work table
It’s a nice table but it had no instructions for assembly but it was simple enough to put together. My only problem is the adjustable feet didn’t allow the reach the height of my countertop. Just about 2” shy. However I did order a maple wood slot to add to the end for my kitchen knives.
Esteban Garcia Esteban Garcia
Received on time and very well packaged size And quality been exactly how they describe on the website
Nora Surles Nora Surles
48 x 24 inch
Nice Workbench, Exceptional Customer Service
This workbench readily met or exceeded my expectations for design and quality.

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