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Mekedes Mekedes
Great value!
Used it for a store front and very satisfied with the outcome! If there is one thing I must say, It would've been excellent if it was a little bit more brighter as it is a lot different in the daytime. But overall great quality and will definitely buy again.
Big Horizontal Neon Open Sign Light Opening Restaurant Bar Light 23.6"x11.8" Big Horizontal Neon Open Sign Light Opening Restaurant Bar Light 23.6"x11.8" Big Horizontal Neon Open Sign Light Opening Restaurant Bar Light 23.6"x11.8"
Elizabeth Elizabeth
Power adapter fried after 1 month
Easy to read but a piece of crap. Bought in July and power adapter fried in August
Matthew Hanneke Matthew Hanneke
Great sign and great value
This sign has been great from the moment we saw it. It's big, but not too big. Can be seen from a distance but small enough to fit most places. Its also bright. When they say they guarantee it can be seen even in daylight they arent kidding. Pretty much anytime except direct hit from the Nevada mid day sun and you can see it lit colors and all. Direct hit you can still read the sign just no colors.
Love the color combination.
Our business is LED lights and having this kind of signage is a no-brainer. Item is well-packaged and is working well upon delivery. I love the light color combinations which are completely programmable. The mobile application is very easy to follow and this signage is up and working in no time. It doesn't heat up and can stand long period of operating hours. It really makes our business stand out.
Leslie b. Leslie b.
Great Open Sign
Loving the light. Then daylight savings happened. Had an issue. NOT!
Jorge Roman Vega Jorge Roman Vega
Great Product
Great product. Better than anticipated. I had read reviews stating the phone app didn't work but decided to buy it anyway. I bought 2, one was for a mirrored window. One the green and red or green and purple these can be seen at least 600 feet away even in the bright sun. And living in the high desert in Nevada the sun get extremely bright. The phone app works perfectly on both units. We own a bowling center with a bar that has different hours. We set each unit differently and both come on and turn off automatically at the right times. We've put the app on several different phones with no issues.
ken b. ken b.
Bright sign and large visibility...
Sign looks great, very noticeable. I use the bright green. It looks large too. I intended for it to shine through the tint but tint was too dark anyways. I had to cut out the open sign part for it to be visible. The remote comes in handy as well. Bluetooth app is useless but can be useable to scheduling. I just don
Hochemon Hochemon
Works so well, and looks so good I ordered another!
So I'm on a corner office, glass windows both sides. I ordered one and then another when they came back in stock. I love the app on my phone. I set the colors. I set the times so it turns on and off automatically now that I've programmed my office hours. Comes with a small hand-held key fob so I can click it off from my desk if I step out for an appointment or lunch then click it back on when I come back. Then it returns to the pre-programmed times. I have selected colors that match my company logo - White "Open" and Purple border. I have it scroll the letters... O...P....E....N....Not tacky, but classy! BUY, BUY, BUY!!
randy baker randy baker
Good quality
These signs are bigger than the typical signs you find for sale in the retail store which is exactly what we wanted. Love that you can program them to turn on and off on their own so they don
Mike C. Mike C.
Perfect purchase, high quality product! Exceeded my expectation.
I was a little worried about how this item will be shipped. I am quite relieved when the item was delivered in good working condition. It was wrapped pretty well to prevent any damages during shipping. The item is lighter than expected so it is easy to install. The LED output is so bright. It can be seen even a couple of meters away even in a broad daylight. I'm very impressed with how it can be customized with the desired color and order of lights. It has so many options and combinations to choose from! I've never experienced any fluctuating or lapses which only proves the high quality of this product.

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