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Christopher buza Christopher buza
Fit perfectly!
We bought these for a 2009 gmc Acadia SLT. The fit was perfect , we didn’t have to do any fabricating pounding or otherwise forcing these to fit on my car. Would 100% recommend if you’re in the market for replacements for your vehicle.
Michael A. Wejko Michael A. Wejko
Low cost oem converter worked perfectly for my honda accord, it passed nysi with flying colors. Thank you again for an overall excellent product and service.
Trayshawn Trayshawn
Very easy to install and made a big change compared to the old one on my 2.5l impreza 100% Recommend
Dave Dave
Easy install fast shipping lowest price anywhere the only thing I don't like is the long comment required
Incredible price! I was skeptical because a cat from Subaru dealer is $2k. This Unit fit perfectly and bolted right on to my Subaru Legacy with no problems or modifications and within a few miles - the check engine light went out and has stayed off for weeks now.
Plant man Plant man
Biggest Bang for the Buck! I would have paid more! Performs Awesome! I'm thrilled with this product!
I received the product in perfect condition and put the car on the lift immediately to check the fit. It matched exactly. Installation was bolt on and simple. Get professional help if you doubt your abilities at all.
Chris & Coleen Chris & Coleen
2002 Toyota Camry LE 2.4L
I had to remove a couple brackets my car had and then also drill out there pre tap holes on the bottom of the exhaust but after that it fit right in and seems to be working great. Old 02 upper and lower sensors fit back in perfectly too and the heat shield went back on with ease too. Again I put this on my 2002 Toyota Camry LE 2.4L 4cylinderI also use the old upper and lowers hardware and not what came with it cause it wouldn't work. If the added nuts with the lower I wouldn’t have had to drill those holes out.
Subaru Catalytic Converter
I was hesitant buying a new catalytic converter for $98. But let me tell you, this is BadA$$. You can look inside and see the honeycomb. Mounted right up as it was a OEM part. Check engine light went off and the rotten egg smell disappeared. Best $98 ever spent. Dont hesitate to do this work yourself. Took me about 1 hour. Subaru went from 16 mpg to over 26. So thankful. So glad I found this website. I will not hesitate to order anything from Vevor again. Thanks so much Vevor.
Edgar Edgar
It work good
I will buy it again
Jarod Emilio Jarod Emilio
Easy to install but no warranty.
So I did my research on the actual manufacturer, Vevor and when I got to their website I noticed they don’t offer a warranty. For the savings I just purchased the 4 year warranty from Allstate for total piece of mind. Easy installation though and we immediately noticed an improvement in horsepower. It doesn’t mount perfectly though to the engine block on the left/bank 2 catalytic converter but I’m not worried. Nothing moves and it mounts to the exhaust, manifold perfectly. I’m confident it’s solid. I have a 2009 Buick Enclave CXL. Just don’t be cheap; pay extra for the piece of mind warranty with Allstate.

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