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Min R Min R
6 ft Silver
Was different than advertised.
Joyce King Joyce King
12 ft
It is very sturdy
I had a friend install it for me, as I'm 82 and have a lot of arthritis in my hands. I have two steps from my house into the garage and no way to add a slanted rail, but I had him install it vertically on the door frame. It really helps with my balance issues going into the garage.
Sandra L. Dumas Sandra L. Dumas
4 ft Black
Was exactly what I needed oh, it was a great price, it was very very easy to install
Serena D. Serena D.
Sturdy handrail, nightmare to install
I bought the 10 foot version. Very pretty, and very sturdy, but a nightmare to install. The brackets are fixed, so moving them to a stud is impossible. Had to install a 1x4. Also, attaching the brackets first, and then screwing in the bars, forget it. If the threads lined up the same on both ends, it would have been 100% easier. One end went one way, and the other, the other way, forcing me to screw in one bracket at a time, screw in one end of the bar, then put the entire next bracket together, then screw that entire assembly onto the end of the pole, then attach the bracket to the wall. So attaching them with the 10mm socket had to be done by hand, because the drill wouldn't fit behind the pole. When I did try to force it by using the drill, some of the screws went in sideways. My handrail came with hex head screws, not the screws and anchors shown in the description. So they are wonky, but they're in and after a while, I'm sure I won't notice it anymore. If you get this in a smaller size, with only two brackets, it's probably a cinch to install.
Michele Michele
Great Outdoors Rail.
This hand rail is very sturdy. The circumference of the rail fits my hand well and I can get a firm grip. This is installed on am outside block wall and it provides the support I need to go up and down the brick steps. I walk with a cane as I have very bad knees.
Jorge Jorge
Easy Installation
This was super easy to install, and it looks really cool. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a quick hand rail..
tremaine dawkins tremaine dawkins
Missing content
Missing/ no content
Stay C Stay C
Modern easy to install
It’s modern and easy to install. It had some rust like spots that were not super obvious.
Great product easy to use it looks really nice
Great product easy to use it looks really nice Very sturdy good Product
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
modern and sturdy
Excellent railing. Very sturdy and looks great

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