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jvanwagoner jvanwagoner
Exactly what I ordered!
Great value for the price! I’ve used it several times, and it works perfectly!
Johnny seales Jr Johnny seales Jr
Hydraulic knockout
Perfect just what I needed
Robert Joline Robert Joline
Great Tool
Great tool case sucks
Samuel Samuel
Very happy
I needed a good tool for hole punching in electrical boxes. At work I add components and emergency stops to older units and have seven units up coming for maintenance. I have made some test hole punch on old electrical boxes. Love the hole punch works great need to test on thicker metals.
Burgos Burgos
Knockout Punch Driver is real labor saving device
We manufacture an LED light rail and we are using the punch for electrical knockouts. An exceptional tool. Has paid for itself many times over with labor savings. Would be nice to have more punches available, especially with a square knockout.
E. Brown E. Brown
I bought this for the metric sized dies and because it was cheap. The metric dies make a smaller hole than the alternative english sized hole saws. for 3/4 fitting you get a 27.5mm hole instead of 28.5 which fits the typical 26 to 27mm 3/4 fitting well. So far I've done a couple of test holes and 3 real 3/4 trade holes in a typical electrical sheet metal box. Works fine.The main issue is that the pilot holes are also metric. 10.5mm (I used 7/16 = 11.1mm) and for the 1" and larger trade sizes the larger pilot measured 19.75mm. Best english fit is 25/32 but good luck finding that size drill bit. 20mm would be fine. 3/4 is TOO SMALL! I have ordered a step bit with a 25/32 diameter. Waiting for that to make bigger holes.Would you believe that a similar Greenlee tool is over $1000? Probably would last longer, but I can buy quite a few of these for that price.I bought direct to save another 20 bucks over inflated prices on amazon and got free shipping too.This is my 2nd Vevor product. So far I'm pleased with quality and price.
George George
Punch with a punch
I've used this to punch holes in a new floor pan for my car. It has been very easy to use and works great.
schlockmiester schlockmiester
great for the money
If you are mechanically "handy" you should be OK. The enclosed "Instructions" are of no help whatsoever. Also, after I took the parts out of the case I was never able to get them back in!
klaus7dieter klaus7dieter
Good general purpose dewar
The box could be better designed. The tool works excellent and easy-to-use.
scot morrison scot morrison
SAE vs METRIC: If It Cuts The Proper Size Hole & Repeatedly So: I'm Sold!
I see several dissatisfied w this KO set. One said:"Showed up on time but when I got the item it was millimeter instead of standard measurement sending it back." Another had the same complaint.Apparently they did not even bother to TRY the punches or, to see if they worked.I don't care if they are METRIC or SAE/INCHES. DO THEY WORK? Are they UP TO THE TASK?It certainly appears to be the case, according to the bulk of all the reviews.I am an ELECTRICIAN like many here who have written good to great reviews about this product. That was the MAIN SELLING POINT of this PRODUCT for me.If these KO PUNCHES actually create CLEAN HOLES in ELECTRICAL PANEL BOXES, which are like Baby Bear's porage, his chair and bed..."Just right!"Not to tight and not too loose for EMT, ENT, HW connectors, threaded and chase nipples (etc); AND they actually KEEP their CUTTING EDGE through multiple cuts. Then again, I have enough BRAINS, I possess sufficient adaptability skills and I'm not hung up on SAE vs METRIC, that I would be more than happy to give these punches a try as well.I somehow lost my 1-1/2" & 2-1/2" Greenlee punches some time back, and now discovered that frustrating fact.And there's no way I'm paying what Klein or Greenlee are expecting me to fork out for these punches. They are good tools to be sure. But I hardly use my 1/2" thru 1-1/4" Greenlee set & 2" Greenlee KO punch now. So I don't need a GREAT (and expensive) SET. Just something that works well as many times as I need them on rare occasions. If I found I was punching holes every day numerous times - AND THIS SET began to fail too quickly. Then I'd think about investing in a Greenlee or Klein set.

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