This girl This girl
Good machine
It was easy to use it's a little heavy it span the length of my sewer pipe and cleared the clog
Cheryl Potts Cheryl Potts
Happy with my purchase
I'm so happy with my purchase. This has already paid for itself after 3 uses. It cuts through our tree roots in the sewer drain
Patrick Walton Patrick Walton
The first snake I can trust
I normally do not trust snakes and stay got away from thembut this snake can be trusted. Job done
David Wobbema David Wobbema
Worked great for me!
The machine was pretty easy to use and it cleared my clog! The one thing I did was put a sandbag on the bottom bar behind the machine...It was kind of walking away from me as I worked the line down the drain, that sandbag worked perfectly to keep the machine in one spot. So glad I bought this, now I was doing my kitchen sink and the pipe was too small for 2 tools that it came with, the spring and the one that looks like a tab were the only ones I could use. After about an hour, it was down about 60 feet, my drain was clear and the water runs down the drain faster than I have ever seen it and I have lived here for over 30 years, That was a lot of Roto Rooter calls and of course Roto rooter bills, damn it, wish I would have bought this a long time ago.....Now you need to know 2 things, I purchased the clog chopper for $26.18 from Ferguson's and will use that next time as it has great reviews. follow link below for clog chopper. The other thing is the machine is pretty simple to use a when you get used to it, and use the sandbag, just take your time at first and you will get a good feel for it, the tricky part is the glove holding lightly onto the spinning cable while being fed in the pipe will get caught sometimes, that to me is the tricky part, just hold it lightly and be careful, if it gets caught, lift knee right away to turn it off. Actually am kinda looking forward to my next clog, although it is so cleaned out, it might be a while.....Now the one thing everyone should do if they have a clogged toilet quite often is, and this is a MUST...switch to 1-ply toilet paper. I did that and I have not had a clog in my toilet for so long, like over 4 years, has not clogged since I swithced over to 1-ply, when using 2 ply or that other stuff, it would literally clog once a year probably or more.....1-ply is the ticket for no more toilet clogs that Roto Rooter doesn't want anyone to know about...Really happy with my new machine..
David J David J
Sturdy Drain Auger
Had to use on Xmas day to unclog main drain pipe under yard. It did a great job of getting drain flowing freely again. Sturdy. Not flimsy like ones they sell in Lowes and Home Depot.
Sandra Summers Sandra Summers
Worth the Money
Bought this auger to clear out main line. Worked great!
Alessandro Fava Alessandro Fava
75ft X 1/2" Drain Cleaner 1- 4" Pipes Drain Auger Cleaning Machine W/ Cutters
Dixie Buss Dixie Buss
The right pipe cleaner
We had been dealing with slow and backed up drains for months. The house was built in 1960 and plumbed with galvanized drain pipes. I ran this auger through the drain lines from different access points in the home. I used two different end attachments and ran the auger back and forth at a slow speed. The drains have not worked so well for a long period of time. The drain auger has not only cleared the plumbing but has more than paid for it's self. I was very pleased with the purchase. A word of caution if you are not familiar with one of these machines be careful to operate at a slow speed. Dixie鈥檚 son in-law.
Rick A Rick A
The best little Drain Cleaner ever
This is an amazing. machine! Works as it is advertised. Easy to use and does the job! Would recommend this drain cleaner to anyone and can be used in commercial settings as well.
Roxanne Olson Roxanne Olson
It does the job well. RO
I like the price, the length of hose and the job it did. We bought this after we paid a plunger to unclog our drain that clogged up. We paid 345.00 for a company to come out and run a 60+ ft snake out to our septic system and unplug it. Well, now we have this system and will no longer have to pay someone to come out. We test ran the snake through the drain and it clearly made it with no problems. We hope not to get another clog anytime soon but if we do, we are prepared. The shipping was reasonable and the box showed up with no breaks or tears in the box.RO

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