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Andy Andy
30 x 30.75 inch
Would be great if I could use it
Arrived damaged. I emailed to see what we could. First respnse was just odd telling me to check neighbors houses that it shows deivered... i sent photos of a damaged product im positive it was delivered lmao. Then I reply and am told in 1-3 days there technician will get back to me... for a bent peice of sheet metal? a tad confusing I must say it's not a piece of broken down heavy equipment it's bent stainless sheet metal. For all the good positive experiences friends have had this is just a flat out horrible first experience for me to say the least
Customer Service Reply: Dear customer,
Thank you for sharing this feedback with us.

We are very sorry to hear that you weren’t happy with your product.
We can see that you are already in contact with our Support Team, and we hope we’ll be able to find a satisfactory solution for you.

Have a great day,
Fuller Fuller
30 x 30.75 inch
Best in class for price!
I procrastinated for years about a backsplash because I wanted something that was functional, flexible and reasonably priced! I now have it and very happy with purchase!!! Couple things would have made it an even better purchase experience; first it should come with screws that are large/long enough to anchor into a wall (those provided were too short and gold in color) so had to make a trip to the hardware store for stainless steel screws, and second, it would be nice if there was an option for a trim kit to cover the top and bottom mounting strips as it looks slightly "unfinished" as is IMO. However, we already have a solution and I will post a photo update when its completed.
Elly Elly
29.5 x 29.5 inch
Chrome backsplash completed the look
Heavy sucker! We elected to use toggle screw mounts to attach to wall as no studs that would line up. Wrapped very nicely with plastic to avoid scratches. Tried to cancel order less than 1/2 hr. After ordering but seller denied so be mindful of that. Have concern into seller as the shelf ledge (hard to see on pic) is turned up revealing the burnished backside of the chrome and is not as shiny as the rest of the unit. Will see what their response to this is. Found package to be secure and sandwiched between styrofoam which kitty enjoyed scratching on. Would we recommend… Yes, but it’s a 2 person install. We used the cardboard packing and made a template to show the screw holes and placement on the wall as we had to “jimmy rig” it between 2 existing cupboards and a vented range hood.
Garry Garry
36 x 30.75 inch
Very well made & heavy!
Was the perfect fit for our high end kitchen. Very well built and heavy. Love the commercial look
amata amata
36 x 30.75 inch
I assumed it was magnetic and it is not. I specifically wanted it for my spices:(
Mitchel Martin Mitchel Martin
30 x 30.75 inch
Beautiful and inexpensive Backsplash
This was perfect for my new commercial gas range. It measured exactly to the specifications and it much thicker than I expected. It is actually 2 layers of stainless steel with some insulation in-between. The back side of the unit is smooth in case you don't want shelves. Both sides of the unit come with protective plastic to ensure the unit doesn't get scratched when mounting, and a lot of care taken in the shipping box to protect the unit. To mount the unit into the wall studs, I did have to drill a couple of new holes in the panel, and the mounting areas on top and bottom are heavy duty and easy to drill through. This backsplash is a great value for the cost and you can't go wrong.
TonyT TonyT
36 x 30.75 inch
home owner
make out of thick stainless steel. very fast shipping. Vevor seems like a good company, Will do business with from now. .....
30 x 30.75 inch
Great for the price
Few screws stripped or defective. One bent and is still stuck, can't remove it or screw it all the way in. The hanging rod was too short. The side braces bent when installed thin short rod. So I left it off. Cleans well though...and CAN'T BEAT that price. Is very thick and heavy. Much better than a homey depot one that was twice as much (got returned). Could use some improvements...but pretty great otherwise. ( Also removed that sticker in corner.) Looks great!
SavvyMom SavvyMom
30 x 30.75 inch
Great backsplash
Wow- this was perfect solution for me! I needed a new backsplahs once I got a new stove and range hood- i wasnt sure I wanted tile and wanted something easy to clean! It was so easy to put up and looks like a chefs kitchen now. I love the little shelf for decor! I have a low clearance so a lot of the piece is behind the stove but it still looks awesome!
Kimberly Lange Kimberly Lange
30 x 30.75 inch
Had a little damage by FedEx. Seller very responsive and made it right. Very happy with the look
Easy to install, looks great and will put all my frequently used tools and spices close to where I need them freeing up space in my cupboards for other things.

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