Customer Reviews

Jason Caylor Jason Caylor
Slim, easy to use and store away. Very rugged.
I am pleasantly surprised how light it felt for something so sturdy. The design is awesome. Pop it open to use and close it back up to store away. Adjustable length makes it so convenient.
Dee Dee
Very nicely made hand truck. Purchased it to haul my small solar generator in and out of the house. Does the job and fairly priced.
John martin John martin
Good on steps
Once assembled, it worked as advertised. But was not easy for me, a woman, to assemble as screws were difficult to reach/insert.
Hector Encinas Hector Encinas
Good buy.
Works as it should. Heavy duty.
Studebaker Studebaker
Very practical and great for moves
Great product, helped us a lot with our move
Worth it
I ordered this to help me move. It came assembled, had instructions on use, and was paxkafed nicely. It's definitely earned its money. It came in very handy to move boxes, amd I've used it to haul garbage and broken down boxes in a tote to the dumpster. Very handy, works great
Cuzco Cuzco
It’ll do the trick
I needed a hand truck to help move a barrel around the yard when doing yard work.This hand truck makes my life a little easier.
Raymond Cusamano Raymond Cusamano
A great gift for seniors
A great gift for seniors and people with MOBILITY issues. I will use it for moving books and other heavy objects, as well as for shopping.
Kurt Osgood Kurt Osgood
Great aid to aging back
Every year I need to get a window AC from the basement to the 2nd floor. As my back aged, carrying it up became impossible, and so used a standard two-wheeler, thumping up each step. Still a lot of back stress hauling it up each step, so wife stepped in to help lift it up. Had read about these step-climbing 2 wheelers and decided to give it a try. The 40 lb AC easily fit on this hand truck and the supplied bungee cord secured it. It fairly easily went from step to step; my wife no longer needed to help and my back was happy all the way to the 2nd floor. Great product! Seems sturdy, and folded easily for storage.
kcportraits kcportraits
Handles uneven steps VERY well
Used this for entire move to another house; perfect timing for getting packed boxes from basement, as my back had gotten more painful as the move trudged slowly on. I know the stair climbing design kept me from more serious aggravation to my back…the energy required to climb stairs with box loads was much less than with a conventional design of two- wheeler. Smooth travel, especially over uneven steps and over thresholds in/out of house & garage. I used it within the weight limit—-no refrigerator—so it performed well. I first installed all four casters, which were very smooth, but eventually removed them; just personal choice. Glad they were included, as I might re-install later. Highly recommend this unit; kept me out of ER & chiropractor office; no kidding. Folds down thin & compact…easy to store
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