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i do not have it mounted yet because i am missing the sae#6 port fitting
Mike Hall Mike Hall
8 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Unit Pack Repair 12v
Robert burns Robert burns
Need information lost Manuel before installing
Need to know how to adjust pump pressure and or bleed air off?
Brett Rauch Brett Rauch
Great pump so far.
Spinney Spinney
13 Quart Single Acting Hydraulic Pump Dump Trailer Unloading Unit Pack 12v
Tadziu Tadziu
Five Stars
worked perfect. great pump
Ronald V. Boucher Ronald V. Boucher
Simple easy working well
Brian D. Jones Brian D. Jones
Four Stars
Was the wrong unit for my application no problems with the return
sheleen leavitt sheleen leavitt
Great product!
Bought this for my 6 yrd. Dump trailer and is working great! It was easy to install, and very reasonably priced.
Patrick M. Burke Patrick M. Burke
I'll answer all of the questions raised by previous buyers.
First things first, the listing says that it has an SAE #6 output port. What it means is it has a #6 SAE ORB (O-ring boss) output. The confusing part is that there's a #6 ORB male to some sort of female adapter installed in the unit when you get it. Here's what you need to do. Determine what your hydraulic cylinder receives. If you're replacing an old pump, just determine what fitting size the hose you have is. Search online for a combination of adapters/hoses that will let your current hydraulic piston connect to #6 SAE ORB. Also, know that the threads on the unit aren't exactly correct for #6 SAE ORB. It's a tight fit. Don't force it, work it back and forth.If you're building a system from scratch, you'll note that there are two ports on your hydraulic cylinder, and only one on the pump. That's okay. You need to order a breather for the port at the working end of the cylinder (where the shaft comes out of). Just figure out what thread that port is and look for a breather that fits that thread. The reason is that in a single action hydraulic circuit, we rely on gravity to retract the piston. Since we don't want the piston to get full of grit and ruin the seal, we install a breather on the port nearest the extending shaft.Some people have posted comments saying that the implement raises just fine, but falls at free fall. That's down to one of two things. If you only raise the dump bed (or whatever thing) a little bit, you've got a hydraulic piston under the greatest amount of force that it encounters. If you raise it six inches and then lower it, it'll slam down. The piston does most of the work at the beginning for the process and at the end. Also, since this pump is single acting, it relies on bubbles in the hydraulic fluid to prime the cylinder. Each time you raise and lower the implement, more air is driven out in the form of bubbles. So the first time you raise the bed (or whatever) it's got a lot of air in it and will lower quite a lot faster. Just extend and release, extend and release a bunch of times.Also there's no wiring diagram, so just look online for KTI hydraulics wiring, because this unit is a cheap copy of theirs. In fact, KTI has all sorts of drawings that you can use for this company's units. The question is, is this one half the cost because hydraulic pumps are very cheap to make, or because a hydraulic pump that lasts for one year is cheap to make. Time will tell.

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