Great price nice material Great price nice material
6 6 x 1/6
Great deal, nice quality ; perfect size for our food trailer . The price is affordable , and it works great.
Moss Moss
6 6 x 1/6
Ordered this items to use as a bun warmer, it is a rest size for a small space. Keeps temperature with little fuss.
Absolutely Perfect! Purchased this in a crunch when I discovered one of my Nescos bit the bullet. Used it the day after it was delivered. Shipping was fast! I ordered on a Sunday and the unit was delivered the following Wednesday. Used for a work event for 120 people. So convenient considering I could have 4 hot items and utilize only 1 electrical outlet. It was so easy to maintain indirect temperature. This price point is a steal! I will be purchasing another just for my employer to keep on site for events.
QueenBea QueenBea
3 1/2 + 2 x 1/4
Business owner
Arrived in perfect condition and haven’t used them yet… They are worth the money!! Great Quality!! The pans are very sturdy along with the tops!! Perfect for any occasion or business
Dawn Kiefer Dawn Kiefer
6 6 x 1/2
Exceeded my expectations!!!
Received extra fast. Works great!
Victor M Sinopoli Sr Victor M Sinopoli Sr
6 6 x 1/6
Best purchase
I bought this for my wife as a surprise to use for the holidays . We usually have 30 to 40 people here for the holidays both Christmas eve and New Year's eve with tons of food the only problem is that we only have 1 oven. Now we can cook things in advance and keep them warm to hot depending on what is in there. There was no problem it worked the way it was advertised and everything strayed hot and kept the flavor and didn't dry out.
Frank Kyser Frank Kyser
4 4 x 1/4
Does a great job.
Heats up very nicely. Really came in handy for a large lunch group. Pans are huge. Only regret is not getting 6 compartment version.
Alexander Dowell Alexander Dowell
6 6 x 1/6
Good food warmer
It is 1.25W, not 850W. Pulls too much power for my space.
Teresa Teresa
5 1/3 + 4 x 1/6
RE: Worked once, then quit
It looked well put together and seemed to work ok. We drained it and unplugged it that evening. The next day, I plugged it in and nothing. (No it wasn't the plug)
Vevor Customer:
Dear customer, Thanks for your message and sorry about the inconvenience caused. We are glad to offer you the best service here. Would you kindly send e-mail to with your order number and the related video to show the issue please? We will help you check it and reply you within 24 hours, thank you. Your any feedback will be highly appreciated. Best regards Vevor Team
ida cruz ida cruz
5 1/3 + 4 x 1/6
It's exactly what we were looking for
It worked out for what we were looking for. We use it in our store. I would recommend this item if someone is looking to keep food hot for a long period of time.

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