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Joshua Davis Joshua Davis
This will not keep your chickens in!
Don't be silly like me and buy this for a flock of hens. They'll walk right through it and laugh at you while doing so. Buy it for your goats and stuff. We're gonna use ours for the pigs.
Wendy H Wendy H
Nice fence
The way its folded when you get it is a nightmare. But once its untangled and put up, its a nice little fence.
tou yang tou yang
So far very pleased
Way stronger posts then stuffs I can get at my local farm supplies, even the wire netting looks sturdy .Will update after this storm and see how it hold up
DIY mom DIY mom
Plan to order again
I plan to order this again once I get moved to my new home.
Ashley Ashley
Great for goats
Works perfect for my goats
R B. R B.
I am HOG WILD about this pig fence!
I just love this electric netting fence. You could say, I am hog wild about it! I have bought two over the last six months and hope to buy another three or four to replace my aging (more expensive) nets, over the next several months as funds allow. Over the years, I have used quite a few electric nets to contain my curious little bacon garden. This one is hands down my preference! And the cute little sausage seeds respect it very much. Yes, as others have said, the poles could be better quality as some have come unglued from the spikes, but they still sit nicely inside the spike attachment and remain standing. I love the double spikes which are usually unheard of at this price point! I have never been able to afford double spikes before, and it makes a huge difference when raising piggies that love to root things up. This netting conducts the electricity very well without losing voltage, connects easily to other electric nets, doesn’t sag, and most importantly stays standing! When my other fences fall over due to piggies rooting and rain storms, the pigs escape. But this one has held up well to my babies, err my breakfast seeds! The price is why I bought this one, but the quality for the price is why I will continue to buy more. Great deal for this happy piggy mama.
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Pretty decent
So I usually don’t write a lot of reviews but for this one I’d like to put a few facts out there.1. This net fence is cheap to buy.2. The quality isn’t astronomically high but it is a very good build.3. They include a lot of extras ( stakes, replacement segments of both the hot line and not, brass splicers for repairs, and an electric fence sign.So all in all I am extremely happy with my purchase!Oh and also I feel I should mention it’s used to contain a herd of alpine goats. Notorious escape artists!
brandi reynolds brandi reynolds
Easy to install.
So this is my second one of these fences. The first was from kencove. I like that this one has metal two pronged feet versus the plastic ones that broke on my last one. Especially since we have to my soil. Hoping it holds up well.
Lothar Lothar
Nice e fence
Good fencing for the price. Especially like the 2 prong step on pole bottoms for inserting into the hard soil.
Lori Denno Lori Denno
Follow directions it will go smoothly
The packaging was decent, the unboxing went smooth. You will need two people total to set this up. Follow the directions and it will go smoothly.

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