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Michael Michael
Excellent fit and quality, easy to install.
My wife and I laid it out and marked and measured when it arrived, to check dimensions and to be sure it was undamaged. I finally had opportunity to install the cover, with significant help from son-in-law and grandkids. I bought a good quality 3/4 inch hammer drill bit, and used my battery powered DeWalt hammer drill for three holes. NOT fun. A trip to the cheap tool store for an inexpensive heavy hammer drill made the remaining holes very easy. Placing the cover was simple and easy. It is tight, does not sag down into the water, and seems to be very good quality. I hope I can buy the same again if this one fails.
Excellent quality at $100s cheaper
I had not purchased a safety pool cover in the past because they ran between $2-3K. I got this one for $408 and figured it was worth a try. It’s excellent quality and can be installed in a couple hours. One concern when buying these covers is that when it wears out, the next cover won’t have the same tie down points. At $410, I went ahead and bought a second on and put it on the shelf for when I need it. The cover is going on it’s 2nd year and still looks great.
John H. John H.
Very impressed in Tyler Tx
I was very impressed with the quality of this cover for the price. Looks just like my neighbor’s loop lock cover he paid $3,000 for. We rented a hammer drill from Home Depot for $50 and drilled all the holes and had the cover installed in about 2.5 hours. It went very smooth per the instructions. If I get 2-3 years of use out of it, it will be worth it, just to keep the leaves out, but I could easily see it lasting 5-6 years. If taken care of properly. The fabric of the cover itself was a lot better than I was expecting. We had to make an adjustment at our spa where two straps we had to drill outside the spa then use a couple tie- down straps to hook the springs to reach the anchors. But not a problem to accommodate a non-custom cover that loop-lock wanted $3,600 for. I think my total for this cover was about $450 plus the $50 drill rental. Looks great. Happy Camper! Great DIY project.
Wells Wells
Initial thoughts were how to install and will my drill do the work. The quick answer is you need a big drill and bit to get through concrete. I rented from local machine and tool shop. Once I had the correct drill and bit, drilling holes went much better. Measuring and getting straps lined up was a little challenging as the cover is just larger than the pool (as described). Once I found my method, the cover did install fairly easily. I have had to tighten the straps a few times after extremely windy days. The huge win here is that the old tarp and water bags that I used to use would have blown around and fallen into the pool, this is way more secure. Also, from a safety standard, my granddaughter who is almost two and a daredevils ran right out onto the cover. She was safe even though it gave us a scare. Good overall product.
Jordan Talley Jordan Talley
Poor instructions
Very little instruction on how to install it. Took 2 of us about 4 hours and we had all the right tools. Need step by step layout instructions with it.
Nicole F. Nicole F.
Great Quality
Well constructed and sturdy. Well worth the money. We will see how it holds up over the winter.
Donald Price Donald Price
Cover fit good, seems durable but a year of use will be the judge.
Great price and fit good after figuring out the installation. The instructions that came with it was not helpful. Luckily my previous cover had me prequalify to install the new one. None of the old drilled in anchors aligned so it was drilling new locations for the tie down anchors.
Randy A. Randy A.
Quality is good.
PERFECT cover for our “homemade” pool! My husband made our pool out of a mold for a RV roof (redneck PERFECTION!) after 4 years of struggling to open after winter, we decided to buy a cover. It is majorly too big for our pool but we have enough concrete to make it work ... with two people, it took a little over an hour to install. LOVE IT!
Mary Smith Mary Smith
pool cover
Ordered 18x36 safety pool cover. Well pleased with the pool cover. Fit my pool perfectly.
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
perfect fit
Hardest part was drilling the holes in the concrete. Hint have a good hammer drill burned up 3 cheap was perfect. beats all the water and sand bags.

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