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Jeremy holbrooks Jeremy holbrooks
Great value
Tim Johnson Tim Johnson
This is the one you really want
I'm using this for decarboxylation and mixingFor the price this is exactly what you need.Temp controller and thermocouple rod comes with for control from 1F to 210F
Aaron S. Lowden Aaron S. Lowden
can't beat the price
you'll probably want to buy a good set of clamps for the post, but this is mostly a lot bang for the buck. could get hotter, but it boiled methanol okay. easy to set the thermometer and the cable is long enough to get in the pot. spins like a champ. I bought another one
Greg Greg
Basic hot plate value
This unit does get hot, for only 200W, it gets it right up there, and holds at the temp you set. Unfortunately if you tirn the heat off to cool, it turns off the temp readout, but you can flip it back on to check it. The platform gets very hot and so does the whole top, hot enough to melt the temp sensor wire if its too close.
jess jess
Plugged in and it would not allow to a just temp went from 16 c to 60 in seconds had to unplug
Out of control do not buy FIRE HAZARD
Santiago Tamargo Martin Santiago Tamargo Martin
Magnetic Stirrer
Good price and it does the job.
Dr.T. Dr.T.
Read a review that said there was no auto temp control. Appearantly they didnt read manual. You can in fact set the tem range and it will hold within that range
Derrick Mancini Derrick Mancini
Great value, with limits to what it can do, inadequate manual
This is a great value, if the limits of what it can do work for you. It can only heat something up to about a liter, and can only be used with non-flammable fluids (no alcohol), it will heat slowly initially, it can not be used to boil liquids or heat above 100C (212F). The name, as awkward a translation as it is, says what it is meant to do: keep something at a constant temperature while stirring it. Since there is no shielding or seal of the heating element, there is an exposed under plate, you must avoiding spilling liquids or solutions that might burn or foul the elements. It does maintain a fairly constant temperature, but is not calibrated well: it was off by about 3.3 degrees (held at 33.3 when set for 30). You need to calibrate the PID for parameters, but the manual is incomplete and poorly written. I found a Chinese manual for the PID controller on line that provides better detail.
Janice Jenkins Janice Jenkins
Works Great
Works great! I use it to mix lye solutions for soap making and it’s worked nicely.
Mike Mike
Received it on time and undamaged

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