Customer Reviews

Joe Joe
Fence works great, posts could be more robust.
The fence works well. The posts aren't very robust. The posts pull our of the base easily, which I find to be a plus, because when they break, they are easily replaced. However, it would be nice if they were more durable. I add a support post between every 2rd and 4th post, and use the stakes and non-conductive cord to pull the corners taught.
Lothar Lothar
Nice e fence
Good fencing for the price. Especially like the 2 prong step on pole bottoms for inserting into the hard soil.
The Perfectionist The Perfectionist
Fantastic for all types of livestock
I have used several different brands to keep my sheep, goats and alpacas in, so far this has been my absolutely favorite! The poles are sturdy, the voltage transfers across all hot wires and the netting is perfect. The biggest trick with electrical fencing is to have good grounding and a strong charger, you cannot blame the product if it is operator error or insufficient power/setup. This product works great for wool sheep, a 250 lb ram and a 300 lb alpaca, it easily works for poultry. I highly recommend and completely worth the price.
Lori Denno Lori Denno
Follow directions it will go smoothly
The packaging was decent, the unboxing went smooth. You will need two people total to set this up. Follow the directions and it will go smoothly.
jeff bell jeff bell
easy to set up
the whole set up was super easy. being a woman..... I was able to unbox it and set it up from start to finish by my self. once hooked up to the electric fence box it worked like a charm. Just ask my two dogs!!!!. Just as soon as I set it up and turned my chickens out the dogs decided to be a little bit more curious than they should be. Didn't take them long to find out that it was best to stay away
nigel destin nigel destin
Working great so far
I have had it up for a month so far and it's working good. The only problem I have is if it goes up/down a hill there is some looseness in some areas, but solved it by using the extra little poles it came with take up the slack.
KS2017 KS2017
Great fence for sheep!
This allows me to extend pastures and experiment with putting sheep in smaller places to clear. It’s super easy to move around by myself, and can be attached to my pre-existing electric fence line or used as a stand-alone with my solar fencer. I liked this so much I bought another one the following week!
Ed Oreilly Ed Oreilly
Great Product
I have bought several methods of trying to keep animals in, posts with electric wire, barb wire even a different brand of electric fence wire. This one has worked the best, its pretty easy to install though the way its rolled up its kinda confusing at first then you will see it just kinda pulls out. Moving i tried moving it to a new area but doesn't roll up as easy as it unrolled out of the box but its not to bad if you just pay mind of the posts and netting. i got a zareba 5 mile charger to power it works VERY well. I was watering the animals over the fence and brushed against the fence and im pretty sure i saw Jesus for a moment. With this in mind i have no doubts the fence would keep in even a squirrel
Colin Colin
BETTER version is here. All negatives are no longer an issue.
I purchased the first two back to back and this new one is definitely the 2.0 version! I had no idea I was getting the new & improved version. But WOW is it that much better! Very happy!!!
Porkchop Porkchop
I LOVE THESE Poultry nets! I am in love with them. We live out in the country a little but we have surrounding country neighbors who let their dogs roam. Also all the predators just naturally. I would love to let me chickens just roam but we have invested too much in them to just let predators take them down. These nets are easy to put up, easy to move around and make a space however you would like. We have two now. This one is pretty tall and has larger sections between poles. It
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