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Libby Nobis Libby Nobis
I was skeptical at first ordering this, but very pleased on the package arrived early and very good quality for the price
gretchen hill gretchen hill
Great for sheep shearing
This stand was easy to put together, took about 15 minutes for me and my daughter to do. It can hold a full sized sheep plus a good sized person at once. It’s a little high for my Icelandics but will probably build ramp if needed. It’s also good for their height. Thought it might be a problem because they are short but their necks are long enough it works fine. I’m happy with this stand.
Virginia Virginia
For larger breeds/adult animals
The hardwaret hat came w/it wasn't long enough for our gate (green, 4ft gate from Our local TSC) but we had some already so it worked out. Ideal for adult/large breed goats. Nsm, younger/smaller breeds bc their heads(& horn, in some cases) go through the opening instead of being stopped by the metal piece going over the nose (AND this is not adjustable) Short goats (6month old Nigerian Dwarf/Alpine & 7month Boer/Nigerian Dwarf) can't reach the head hold on the lowest setting. I have only used it once so far, but it seems sturding. Trimmed the hooves of two overgrown full boers (200lbs. ea.) not used to trimming/humans/crazy contraptions, fighting tooth & nail to get free & nothing broke. The chain that wraps behind the head & hooks to the other side did come off once, so we wrapped it around the headpiece & then hooked it, which worked out great for the others that followed.
Kimberly Sullivan Kimberly Sullivan
Works great for small to midsize goats
On of the best purchases I’ve made. Works amazingly for small to mid size goats. Is a little in sturdy with full size goats that aren’t stand broke and fight, but if they are stand broke you should be good!
Highland Home Highland Home
works great
It came a little dinged up from the shipping, but we were able to bend the tabs back out. I love how sturdy it is compared to how light it is.
rottihous rottihous
Nice stand.
Just what we needed for our 4H market lambs. Holds them in place while you get them ready for show. Durable, well made and clean.
Livestock trimming stand
Pretty nice for the money, just a few problems getting it together. Some holes weren't drilled quite right but got it built. The only problem is the chain that came with it doesn't fit on the headstand, the links are too small so I had to attach some pieces to get it to work. Otherwise it's great for the price.
Olivia Bowman Olivia Bowman
Best thing I’ve ever purchased
This stand has been an absolute life save to me. As a first time stock show kid, I didn’t have the funds to buy a brand new weaver stand. It’s light weight, came in three days, and incredibly sturdy.
Rick Ramirez Rick Ramirez
Livestock Trimming Stand 51x23 Inches Livestock Stands For Goats With Headpiece
valoree cannon valoree cannon
Easy assembly
Easy to put together and made with heavy duty materials. Very sturdy.

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