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Pete C Pete C
2 inch Black
You may wonder why four stars
Upon arrival a critical piece was missing from one assembly. That was taken care of. Thereafter, having four assemblies in hand I began modifying them for the purpose for which they were purchased. The closer they were examined and worked with the more evident there is a serious lack of quality control. One had a loose locknut that fell off. Fortunately, it fell off in the shop and not on the road. Nevertheless, they have been modified to suit my purpose AND the issues have been rectified.The issues:One missing part (rectified)One loose nut on the hand wheel (found and refastened)Two parts that would not accept the torque bar (drilled out debris)Supposed to be 2” compatible. They’re not. They’ll fit 3” pipe. (they’ve been modifed)Fixes and modifications:Missing part was suppliedTorqued all nuts. Found two more hand wheels with loose nutsDrilled the torque bar holes to accept the torque barsCut and modified the 3” down to fit 2” pipe. The parts will be welded in place.Quality lacks. But other than that, the parts are robust for the job they're going to be doing. These are designed to be bolted onto larger than 2" pipes.

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