Jeanne Whalen Jeanne Whalen
Frame is sturdy. Great customer service.
Frederick Carpenter Frederick Carpenter
No predrilled holes in arches
No pre-drilled holes in top arches and missing top pole, not easy to assemble
Irene Crawford Irene Crawford
Not exactly as described
The description says each end has a door panel, but the one I received only had one panel that actually works as a door. It still works for my purposes, but a second door would have been an added bonus. Also, the hardware was not correct (made it work anyway) and the instructions were essentially useless. We did get it assembled, but mostly by figuring it out ourselves.UPDATE: This problem has been rectified. I would buy from this seller again.
A PC Nerd A PC Nerd
Satisfies the need, but probably only short term
I purchased this motocycle tent to act as a work out room for my treadmill (small house - no room - out in the yard). For a 6'3" guy on top of a treadmill, on top of a pallet - the space is ample with a bit to spare. As noted in other reviews, the setting up instructions are not very helpful but honestly, with so few pieces to put together it is not so hard to work out. With regards to weatherproof, the tent has 2 distinct independent ends (door and back) and the main tent cover wraps over these on the supplied frame so it is only as weatherproof as the erectors ability to tuck the ends into the sides (hook and eye connectors). It is certainly robust enough and just went through the February polar snowmageddon without issue, but I suspect it will not be able to do this for long as I have to retend to the back/door walls on each and every gym day visit. All of the above said, I would buy this again as it suits my purpose well, for the immediate future

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