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Allen Allen
Great run
Great product. It feels sturdy enough. The frame was extremely easy to put together. It did arrive missing a few parts. Four of the frame poles were missing. I contacted the seller and they sent the missing pieces immediately. I received the missing parts in.jusr a few days. Definitely wear gloves and long sturdy sleeves when working with the wire. Also be sure to have tin snips ready for cutting the chicken wire. Further, the chicken wire is done best as a two person job. It's been through a few heavy thunderstorms already. It appears to be holding up fine. I have already recommended this run to a friend. I would buy it again.
GrowlingLlama GrowlingLlama
Perfect for my buns!
We got the Large (9.2'L x 18.4'W x 6.4'H). For one person assembling it, it wasn't easy and it took sometime. Everything came good, but they came in 3 separate packages at different times. It only came with one tarp (we bought another different one, thats why there is 2 tarps in the video) the tarp it came with isn't heavy duty and water falls through it, but it protects from the sun. It is a nice space/size for my 4 bunnies (the 3 other bunnies were being brushed thats why they weren't present in the video).
Lance R Lance R
Great Value & Customer Service
Update: arrived in two packages on different dates. I was recovering from a broken ankle and someone put away the smaller box and forgot about it. When I finally got around to installation, I assumed the box wasn’t delivered. After a prompt response from customer service, I realized what happened and found the box. It was simple to assemble and is of similar quality to my more expensive run from tractor supply.
R m R m
Chickens perfect playpen!
They love it, and no hawks can get them! Easy to move around the yard!!
Jason A Jason A
love this!
Using this for outside "grass time" for an indoor cat (born feral) who has two other outside playpens he really enjoys. He absolutely loves this one to the point we are considering buying a second one to link together the ends with zip ties and zip tie the doors open where it will connect. This will allow more play/explore area as we also bought him an elevated pet bed that is on one end. He only uses this supervised while we work in the yard and purchased additional yard staples to anchor if we find him attempting to test it's abilities.
Random user Random user
Easy to set up and durable
I was able to assemble this by myself in 4 hours over 4 days. The only tools needed are wire cutters for the chicken wire. The tubing is solid. There is give in the connections, but not enough to be a problem. Enough chicken wire for the job plus extra to overlap. I used the zip ties provided plus additional ones I purchased instead of the wire to secure the chicken wire. For my installation, I didn't need the permanence or durability of the wire. This is a great product and if I need another coop, I will definitely choose this.
Sonia Portillo Sonia Portillo
Good size, easy to manage!
This little chicken area was assembled in about ten minutes. It was easy to move for two people. The size is perfect for our three bantam chickens and will keep them safe from hawks and eagles. They will only be in it for a few hours during the day since it is not adequate for full time use. They will have lots of fun this year and we can move it to various parts of the yard as needed!
Lovett Lovett
Exactly what we needed
One of our ducks was attacked by a fox. We managed to save him but, he lost an eye.. The other birds now pick on him so he needs his own digs. We found this pen and it arrived today. We are very happy with the quality although we will need to beef it up a little. I will add more pictures showing how I do this once its finished. Great product at a fair price!
Matt C. Matt C.
exactly what I needed
Perfect for raising chicks until they are big enough to go in the big chicken coop. Right now I have one section overlapping the other, just layed it over top of the first section to make it smaller. Once the chicks get bigger I can extend it to its full size. The only thing I wish it had was a bigger door to be able to put the big water dispenser inside without having to pull the two sections apart.
Carvers Carvers
Great find!
Easy assembly and sturdy. Well worth the investment.

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