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Jordan Lax Jordan Lax
Assembly is required!
The product itself is high quality and sturdy. Manufacturing was done well, finishes are nice. However if you are planning on installing this one your car it is not a matter of just bolting it into place. That is not a fault of the product however, most car's aren't designed for the doors to by modified. From my experience installing this here are some thing to consider:1. The hinge is quite large and heavy, the swing radius is large. You WILL have to modify the fenders to allow for the motion, your car just wasn't designed to accommodate this. I wouldnt change anything about this hinge design itself.2. Your car will need to be reinforced. The struts are strong and stiff, exerting 150 Lbs of force. Bolting them directly to the unibody of a car is not sufficient. The unibody is usually 22 or 20 Ga material. I tried that initially and body deformed under the force. I reinforced the area with 1/8" mild steel to spread out the forces more evenly and it worked well.3. The struts vary from 12" to about 18" at open. I am mounting this on a 1985 subaru brat, so a similiar size to modern sedans. The horizontal strut had space but the vertical strut needed to be heavily modified to have the required clearance. Ideally you want one strut operating horizontally and one vertically. Unless you are a 3 dimensional geometry wizard it will require some trial and error.I would not purchase this kit expecting to deal with it over a weekend unless you are a very skilled fabricator. My vehicle is quite old and has damage so just about every step of the process I need to cut and weld. I would not buy this unless you are set up with a MIG welder. Most cars will require solid wire mig welding capabilities as the body is too thin for stick welding to be used. If you have invested and have the right tools available the kit is a great starting point.Gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the instructions it comes with could be more elaborate, or at least provide some more guidance or details on
misael misael
Sirve para mi silverado 2005
Cripten21 Cripten21
They work very well and are great for small parking spots and looking cool!
I put them on my 2003 Toyota Corolla and I have to say I am very happy with my purchase, they fit well and they came in good condition, very small adjustments had to be made to my fenders but when I was done I was very pleased.
Universal Lambo Door Bolt On Vertical Doors Kit For Benz Audi Ford Subaru Gmc

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