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Stephen Stephen
Great machine but it trips my breakers
We were super excited to purchase an ice cream machine for our new house since we now have a pool and like to have friends and family over for swim parties. Though the machine was expensive after doing our research we thought it would be a good machine. It is fantastic and is very easy to make ice cream. We buy ice cream mix powder off of Amazon and mix 4 cups of ice cream flavor mix with 8 cups of water (1 to 2 ratio). The ice cream is delicious and usually forms within under 10 to 15 minutes. We can serve a lot of cups of ice cream with a fairly minimal amount of mix. Here are the downsides of this machine. The mixing bins at the top of the machine require a lot of mix in order to work. You cannot make small batches of mix and so we can only use this machine when we’re having large groups of people to our home. Also you always have to have both sides filled as the machine makes a terrible squealing sound if one side is low and the other side is full. Also the bins cannot be removed for easy cleaning so you have to clean the machine but that is not an arduous process and is fairly simple by running multiple buckets of clean water through the machine while using the cleaning cycle on the machine. Here is my biggest complaint. The machine trips are breakers every time we use it. I cannot use the machine outside as it will immediately trip the exterior breakers for electrical sockets outside on our deck. Even in our kitchen it will just rip the breakers at least one time per batch of ice cream. We have both 15 and 20 amp breakers and it tripped them. After speaking to an electrician he said we needed to upgrade our amperage to 30 amp breaker‘s in order to avoid them tripping but that would be costly. Be aware that this may not work effectively in most homes because of the electrical requirement. I wish I would’ve known this before purchasing but made the assumption that this was available for home use and not just in a commercial setting. Overall very pleased with the
VEVOR Commercial Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Frozen Yogurt Maker 20-28L/H 2450W
Sweet Treats By Mee Sweet Treats By Mee
Machine is wonderful
I love it and the consistency of servings.. This machine was a hit at my family day out… Wish I’ve ordered 2 at the same time
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