Customer Reviews

Seems to be good quality and the two lengths of axle straps was nice.
Straps seem to be of good quality. The package came with four ratcheting tie downs, eight axle straps and a bag for it all. I used this to secure my Jeep to a UHaul trailer and tow it a couple of hours. The straps all have covers to help prevent chafing, that was nice on the axle tie downs, but I had to remove those on the ratchet straps to get them tight due to tie down locations on the trailer. Not a problem and it was easy to slide them off and toss them in the bag for the next time. I had two instances where I had to adjust the straps. Unsure if they worked loose at the ratchet or if the Jeep shifted on the trailer. The trailer I used wasn't an ideal test, so I don't want to say what the cause was. I like the longer handles on the ratchet, makes it easy to really get things tight and the two lengths of straps to go around the axle were handy. I'm satisfied with the purchase and will use again when the need arises to tow the Jeep again.
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