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James E. Moore James E. Moore
It comes complete
Has a solid feel. Works as directed.
works great...
I bought this unit with the intentions of modifying it to use for spraying fluid film on my trucks...I read a bunch of other reviews and so far have found no issues with this unit..the pressure relief valve works properly and blows off a bit over 60 pounds.I keep the pot pressurized to 60 pounds and the spray wand,( Im not using the paint gun or hoses that came with the unit ) around 100 to 120 pounds of pressure,,,so the fluid film or whatever you want to use for undercoating gets pushed up to the spray wand even though it is thick like pudding, the warmer fluid film gets the thinner, so I put the paint bucket in the sun...what I use for a spray wand and it works great is the harbor freight air engine cleaner, I think you can buy one that looks the same from amazon..your choice, im sure either would just have to modify the connections at the wand, and most important I put an inline shutoff maybe 10 inches from the wand on the pot side, so the undercoat doesnt keep pouring out, unlike the paint gun that shuts both paint and air, the engine cleaner does not...but easy to do and the angles and tight spots you can get into with the wand it is well worth it...and the paint bucket looks well built and should last a long time...air gauge was reading the correct pressure...
Ariel Martinez Ariel Martinez
Item was of distinctive quality! Ever so enticing packaging. Delivery was noble.
Drew Drew
Converted to pressure pot
Needed taller pressure pot to cast tubes in. This fit the bill. I pressurize at 50PSI. Removed all internal siphon tubes, (will need to apply heat to break the glue seal) added a few NTP threaded connections a ball valve and a pressure gauge and I was in business. Drops 10 PSI in 12 hours.. that's good enough for me. Cheapest for casting up too 14" long (height) with in a 2.5" foot print. (The bottom of the pot is concave.)
0.5 Gallon 4mm High Pressure Pot Paint Sprayer With Spray Lacquer Nozzle
Non Stop Horizon Non Stop Horizon
Works well for resin casting
Works well for resin casting larger pieces
dan dias dan dias
Works for bubble-less resin mold curing.
I'm using for resin molds and air bubble removal. It leaks a bit so I leave it plugged into the air supply if curing more than a few hours. It's just a matter of taking the time to trouble shoot the leak is all. If it didn't leak slightly I'd given it 5 stars.
cindy chescavage cindy chescavage
Easy to use, works wonderfully
I used it to stain my porch deck rails and it worked flawlessly. It was the first time I used one, and it was easy to use and well worth it. I recommend this product 100%
Dragonheart Dragonheart
All I wanted Was the Pressure Pot
I purchased this gun & pot because of the cheap price as all I wanted was the pressure pot. I set it up to work with my Graco 4900 HVLP system. The Graco on board compressor pressurizes this pot, which is connected to my Graco HVLP turbine airflow gun,. This allows for a much shorter length fluid line and portability. The spray gun looks to be of good quality, but as assortment of fluid sets need to be made available because one size is worthless for multiple types of spray applications.
Holds Vacuum/Doesn't Corrode
Note: I am only reviewing the can, I am not using the regulator, fittings, hoses or sprayer.The can is a solid, heavy, well built monster. It is ferrous, will attract a magnet. I've owned this over a year and it hasn't corroded. It's been outside in the rain, frozen, thawed, etc and no corrosion anywhere. It looks like it did the day I bought it. I have to assume some sort of stainless variant with high steel content? Unsure. It is not aluminum tho.I use this as a vacuum and pressure chamber. It is also used to extract oils. It holds vacuum for days, literally. I've left it under hard vacuum for over a week with no slow leaks. It holds pressure well, I've taken it up to it's max operating pressure during testing. No leaks.I have zero complaints, zero issues with this tool. I only wish every purchase worked out this well. I will update this later with anything that comes up. Since it's been over a year with constant use on it, I doubt anything game changing will come up.
David Stauver David Stauver
Alternate use, great item!
I purchased this for use other than painting. I needed a pressure test chamber for an underwater camera housing. It is well made and quite sturdy and worked perfectly for me.

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