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J.D. in Wisconsin J.D. in Wisconsin
His Dudeliness
Works well, and is very well built, the price is about the same as the very cheapest on the market, but it's actually solid. Takes more juice than I would like before it actually starts inverting. I got both the 12.8-30 volt, and the 20-45 volt version. Batteries like I want to go with the charge controllers and panels I already have costs way more than these. Should have sold the power back to buy the batteries. Live and learn.
Nestor Nestor
This inverter with the wind turbines is the perfect combination to save energy. We have a lot of customers asking for more. Price, quality and performance is the perfect equation. Thanks
Larry J. Gallant Larry J. Gallant
Not a Bad Inverter for the Price
My first grid tied inverter. I did not want to employ batteries in my setup, if possible. Went directly from panels to inverter. What I learned was this inverter seems to measure the available power then gradually step up to it. On bright sunny days this is not a problem but when you have patchy clouds, it “hunts” repeatedly, which is understandable. Employing a battery bank would rectify this issue.
Gman Gman
Been running for 2 weeks, so far so good. Used to pull electricity from 600W of solar panels to feed to the grid. Hopefully it can withstand summer temperature.
VEVOR Customer VEVOR Customer
for a hunnerd bux.. hell ya!
i got 1 and hooked it up in my RV bus that has solar and batteries etc.. it was sitting in the driveway doing nothing since covid.. now i can use the 2400w solar on the bus roof to help feed the house bill :) how cool is that? i bought a 2nd one and started a fb group for it..stop by.. 887.2w is my record in 2 days :)carl thomas tampa
Lawrence R Boyle Lawrence R Boyle
Works great.
I’ve had zero trouble with this inverter. Very simple to hook up and as long as you put it so it stays totally dry and good ventilation it just passes electricity to your wall plug. I passed the electricity through a voltage meter to see what it produces and it’s been good. Starts about 9:00am and little by little gets the most about 2:00pm. Then tapers down and stops about sunset. I have it on a expanded metal and it never gets hot enough to make its fans come on. But I don’t put more than 780 watts. I really like this inverter. Well worth it.
LenJ LenJ
Simple Installation
For the price this is a great addition to your solar setup. The inverter seems well built and the installation is straight forward. The initial readings had the inverter adding additional wattages to my home.The electricity conversion is sine wave at 60hz. Just be sure you buy the inverter compatible with the voltage output of your panels.The pictures show a temp setup so that I could ensure working status. 100w panel producing 48w at 10am.
Milson Lopez Milson Lopez
La ventilación se enciende constantemente. Evita que mi inverter no se caliente
Funciona muy bien lo instale hace como 4 días esta trabajando bien espero que tenga larga vida
Doug Korinek Doug Korinek
Great Little Inverter!
I really like these grid tie inverters especially for the price. They are small and easy to hookup. It doesn't get any simpler then these. However, they do run a little hot. Although they can accept up to 1200 watts, I'm only putting 800 watts into them as I want them to last. I will also be adding a small exterrior fan blowing air over them to help keep them cool.
Dartagnan Garraud Dartagnan Garraud
Great product works as it should
So far both device are working as they should . I am happy with my purchase.

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