Conrad Conrad
Not a toy
I‘ve been really loving the machine, it is fun and it’s a real claw machine. It‘s not a toy. It comes with a coin acceptor that can be set to accept many different currencies especially the U.S quarter for those of you wondering. If the coin does not match the currency it is set to it will send the coin back out to the customer. It has many different settings and can be rigged or not rigged it’s all up to you and is very easy to change the settings. My only problem was the glass was shattered when the machine arrived at my house but they did credit me $80 to fix the machine, I have not yet replaced the glass but the machine functions just fine without the glass. Sometimes the win rate does not work for me as the machine can be set any where from 1-200 win rate. The machine comes with a power cord which I would say is about 6 feet long I‘m not quite sure and it comes with a key to open the machine, coin mech and coin drawer. The key is small so I recommend tying a keychain or something to it and a mini tracker to prevent it from getting lost as I did. The claw is small, and cannot pick up big prizes. It does have double clamp as an optional setting that can make the claw close early by hitting the button again as the claw goes down. If you love arcade redemption games as much as me I recommend this machine but it is small so make sure you have an idea of the size and accept the size before purchasing.
Vevor 110v Mini Claw Crane Machine Metal Case Bar Candy Toy Catcher Shake-proof

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