Tom Tom
Belt grinder
Heavy duty, nicely built, runs quiet, belt tracks great. It came with some great accessories, from the large wheel to the other smaller wheels that work great for shaping knife handles.
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Exactly what was looking for!
With this being a 82'' belt machine there are not many that offers belts so I cut a few inches off the main 2'' tool shaft. Now I can move the arm in enough to fit a 72'' belt. With all that being said I love this belt grinder! It has the power to do any work I use it for and with the 2 hp motor it takes a lot to over work the motor. This machine does not come with a power switch and it should. I fitted this with using a router control box. This will not allow you to control the speed but you will have a on/off switch. The only thing I wish I had done was spend the extra money and bought the one with speed adjustable. I am very happy with this belt grinder and how well it does the jobs I ask it to do.

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