CAP187 CAP187
It's OK. Since it's narrow it's easy to tip even though the top assembly is lighter weight than the same table in 24x30 size.
Cap187 Cap187
Bought this as a handy cart for my kitchen and it is. Was easy to assemble, only had 1 problem and that was the wheels with brakes would drag even with the break off. Just bent the cross bar the brake mounts on with a big screwdriver to give it the needed clearance since those wheels weren't perfectly round. I would buy this again.
Samuel Jordan Samuel Jordan
good buy
The metal is a little thinner than I expected which makes the edges kinda sharp but it still works.
work table
material is light weight, not well packaged, items damaged in shipping I was expecting a heavy weight display table that I could work off of
Robert Wucher Robert Wucher
Beautiful Carts, Decent Quality
I am very pleased with the quality of these carts. I purchased two to hold my birds' travel cages. They are solid, look expensive, and beat any of the particleboard units I found on other websites at similar price points. I only ran into two minor issues: The first is the wheels were not secured inside of the packing carton in both of the units I bought. They slid around during shipping and made small dents into lower shelving units. This made the units look used, although the shelves are still functional. The top shelf seems to be reinforced with wood, which kept it from denting, but the lower shelves are made of thin stainless steel like one would find on a kitchen appliance. That is probably why the wheels dented it so easily. Since the dents are cosmetic, and given the thin sheet metal, it will likely get others in the future, so I will just live with it. The second issue I ran into is the same as others have already mentioned. That is the protective white wrapping material on the surface of the shelves. It was very hard to remove and left residual pieces at the edges I could not remove. It reminded me of peeling the skin off of a sunburned back, not a fun experience! The wrapping material also had a terrible, chemical "mothball" smell that was difficult to remove. I wiped the units down with some stainless steel cleaner I had in my kitchen, and that seemed to address it. There was also some residual tape glue that I removed using WD40 and a rag. The directions were a little weak and seem to be written by someone where English is a second language. The assembly of the units was still simple enough to figure out without them, using some of the pics of the finished product on their website as a guide. Kudos to the company for some of the fastest shipping I have seen. I ordered them on a Sunday night and received them on Wednesday morning, and this was during the holiday season.
Stainless Steel Work Table |30x24inch | Food Prep NSF | Utility Work Station
Gregory Leo Gregory Leo
Rolling Stainless Steel top Kitchen works great!
We bought two Rolling Stainless Steel Top Kitchen Work Table Carts for outdoor catering equipment. We are able to move there outdoors to use in food prep and as cooking equipment carts. They work well and help us comply with Oregon Covid mandates by allowing us to bring the cooking action outdoors.
24 x 24 x 32 inch without Wheels
I put my Bradley P10 Smoker on it
Very good Kitchen Prep Work Table, I would gave it a 5 Stare but the stainless shelf are very flimsy but it very good for what I need it for !!
Gary O. Johnson Gary O. Johnson
24 x 24 x 32 inch without Wheels
Overall it is. A good table.
Box was missing several bolts and a few specialty reinforcement leg washers. I was able to pick the missing bolts from the hardware store.
Peter Lawrence Peter Lawrence
24 x 24 x 32 inch without Wheels
Inexpensive stainless table
My GF got this table to use for barbecuing. Did not come with instructions, but almost self explanatory for assembly quick and easy. As one reviewer stated (thanks for the tip) the protective film is a bit of a challenge but with the help of a heat gun or possibly a hair dryer fairly easy to remove. Would recommend using a better Allen tool. Very satisfied for the price.
Deperados Deperados
24 x 24 x 32 inch without Wheels
good table, just one small glitch
Table looks great, but was shipped without the necessary hardware to assemble it. The seller made a refund for the mistake and we purchased the hardware locally. There are a couple of places on the underside of the table where some of the tack welds are a little rough and large, but we are the only ones who see that.

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