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Worked for my project
Sturdy, and worked well except they were too wide, I had to cut them in half with a table saw to fit the space.Wish you offered a narrower piece.
Kate Kate
These things are great
I have used these for several different projects. Support for a garden path, Support for large planters in the yard. They're real easy to cut to size. Will be ordering more. Economical compared to other products.
Catherine Y Catherine Y
These pavers are a life saver. After struggling to get a permit from the city to create a parking pad in back of our house, we had success when showing them information for these pavers. Ordered three boxes, hired a contractor, worked beautifully! Ours are layered with gravel and and a decorative stone top, very solid, environmentally friendly, just great, would purchase again!
Texas Fishing Texas Fishing
Garage door opener
This product actually works great. Liked it so much I ordered another one. Love the ability of being able to open the garage when I pull in the yard.
Etrick Etrick
Great way to build a fast walkway - save tree roots
I needed to build a walkway from my deck to my driveway and if I had dug a trench and built a paver walkway I would have killed the tree which shades my house and dog in the summer. That was not an option. Instead, I used these. First I laid down a double layer of landscape cloth, then I set the forms on top. To get the curves I only engaged between one to four of the four interlocking points on the grids so I could bend the line of the walkway. Next, I filled in with white small marble chips and lined the edges with pavers in a pattern of my own making. It took a couple of days of fussing but nowhere near working full time to do it. Pretty cool and I love the look.
Rodrigue Dieupe Rodrigue Dieupe
Small but functional.
The design is good and it is perfect for jobs that do not require a lot of labor since the tank is small and empties very quickly.
Moisesc3107 Moisesc3107
Very sturdy and quick delivery
We filled with gravel mix. Our driveway is gravel, about 120 feet and on an incline. We have had bad issues with erosion. We are hoping this works so we don't have to pave or concrete. Moderately easy to put down, North Georgia clay and rocks are making it difficult. The product itself snaps together very nicely and feels very sturdy. Will wait through the next few rains before deciding if going the whole length of the driveway is worth it. Will update my review then.
lorenR lorenR
Simple, easy, effective. Perfect lazy man’s solution.
Used this product to cover an area under my screened in porch upon which to park my convertible in the winter. No significant leveling involved, snaps together like a charm, and durable/sturdy as the day is long after you fill it with pea wonderfully. Will buy again and am looking for other projects to use this product. Fantastic solution if you don’t want the trouble and expense of paving or otherwise installing a permanent solution. You could move this later if you decided to use it somewhere else, and I suspect it’s useable life is quite long...seems very durable.

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