Customer Reviews

April April
2 Layer 40 inch
Nice decoration for your table.
It was tedious placing the wires together.
Synda Batton Synda Batton
2 Layer 16 inch
Love it
Love my display shelf. For being plastic it feels heavy duty. The lights are bright and I love that I can control with my phone. There are 2 things that knocked off a star and that is that I wish when I set the timer, or turn on manually, that it would maintain the last light setting I choose - it reverts back to a solid color. The other reason is there is an area where the strip light has come away from the shelf. Good thing it the bottom slides so I can get in there and fix it. I keep pressing it against the shelf but it continues to detach. I'm going to put a better piece of double-sided tape in there to get it to stay. I feel the price point is a bit high ask well. For about $30 less, I'd buy more of these!
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