Customer Reviews

Larry Battraw Jr Larry Battraw Jr
Great quality, very quiet
I originally purchase an air-cooled 1.5KW spindle, however it was incredibly noisy and so I ended up getting this one to try and avoid having to wear hearing protection around it. It seems very well-made and the noise it generates is a fraction of the air-cooled spindle; it's not silent or close to it, but the noise it generates is so much less than an air-cooled spindle so I'm happy with it. It comes with two ER11 collets-- a 1/8" and another that I haven't looked at, as all my bits are 1/8".Very reasonable price and performance.
Lindsey Altman Lindsey Altman
Great spindle motor
Super quiet compared to the 611 router I was using.
DLeo DLeo
As Expected
Product came as expected. Very low noise when in operation. Easy assembly and set up process. I'm very satisfied with the purchase.
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