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Kailee O. Kailee O.
Does not come with the upper warming tank!
Overall good unit but does NOT come with the upper warming tank despite description. Will need to adapt bottom drain to get all of the sap/syrup from the bottom of the tank. We plan on putting it on top of a 3 burner propane unit to boil down our sap in the spring.
Craig Craig
Works as advertised. I used this to make a wood fired maple syrup evaporator out of a 55 gallon barrel. The pan fit on top perfectly and we boiled down 170 gallons of sap and made four gallons of syurp from trees in our back yard. It doesn't get any better than that. 100 percent natural and the best tasting maple syrup you'll ever have, and we made it ourselves (and you can too). It's not truly a divided flow as was indicated but rather the divider down the middle doesn't go all the way to the bottom of the pan but serves as a stiffener that reinforces and strengthens the pan. I knew this prior to purchase but for small batch operation it doesn't matter. The stiffener was for me was more important and I'm extremally happy with how well it is made. I have a feeling my family will be using this evaporator pan for many many years.
Ben Ben
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Haven't used it yet but it does hold water - no leaks. The temp gauge is in Celsius Seems to be very durable
Nathan robinson Nathan robinson
Looks and works great
Thomas V DeKrey Thomas V DeKrey
well built
just starting to process maple syrup and this paired with a 2 burner propane cooktop worked great
marie-claude jobin marie-claude jobin
Très bonne qualité
Je l’ai utilisé pour faire mon sirop d’érable !
Greg Deiman Greg Deiman
Syrup evaporator
Awesome product. Worked great Syrup-mmmmm
Wallace Roberts Wallace Roberts
Good pan
Works great, wish top edges were rolled for strength, and to take the sharpness out. Does the job. Thank you. Wally.
Robert McNelly Robert McNelly
1st Time Syrup Making
This pan suited my needs pretty well and the price was reasonable. One issue I had was the thermometer port was too high. Boiling sap works best when the level is maintained at about 2". The thermometer port was above that level, so I drilled and installed a bulkhead port lower to allow the probe to be about the 1" depth.
Jamin Uticone Jamin Uticone
Perfect pan
Best price, perfectly sized for our 12-15 taps. Boiling off 2-3 gallons per hour. Third season of use. Very happy so far.

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