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jim jim
Pretty much identical to Seastar and costs less
Instructions were somewhat vague but installation was straightforward. No instructions on bleeding it but YouTube has several online. Very nice improvement over the cable system… definitely recommend it!
Steve Steve
Product works great. Fairly easy to install. Only problem is they don’t tell what type of hydraulic fluid you need to use. Called the company for support and never did get a straight answer just hydraulic steering fluid. Only problem with that is there are a few different types. Some oil based and some mineral oil based.
Michael Dupuy Michael Dupuy
Works Great
Everything in box worked except for the instructions! I used the baystar instructions instead! Better info on how to install this system! To bleed/add oil I simply put a hose from one port to other port and kept both open. As you turn steering wheel it drained the one quart bottle while reliving it of air in system.Replaced the worn-out cable system that was on boat I bought!
Jenna Cruice Jenna Cruice
Great replacement
Replaced a bad seastar pump. The seastar pump alone was double the price for this whole kit. No brainer. Includes the bleeding kit as well. I drained my fluid, and this pump sucked up the new stuff and bled out air quick and had my 150 yamaha turning smooth as butter again.
Josh Josh
Way easier to steer my boat
I had the old cable system on my boat and it was difficult to turn to one side so I figured I would give this a try. It is definitely way easier to turn now it just takes time to get the handling down
Whitetail Hunter Whitetail Hunter
Easy install and works good. Steering is improved quite a bit at full power. The old system took quite a bit of mussel to turn at full throttle. Would buy it again.
Justin Justin
1991 Ranger 393v - Evinrude 150hp
The steering on my Ranger boat seized and ripped apart, so I decided to retrofit it with hydraulic. Vevor was the least expensive option. To remove all of the old system took a long time, considering 30 years of corrosion. To install the new system took maybe 4 hours. I had two minor issues on installation; 1) The arms did not reach far enough to bolt to the cylinder shafts, so I took a 3-pound hammer and bent them further. A $500 kit, so no turning back now. Next, the flare nut that was included had stripped out, so I used the original brass that I had. The strength and quality of the nut it is questionable. Other than that, everything else installed smoothly, and I had it out on the water just a few hours ago.
fishalotrobert fishalotrobert
magnitic drill great
easy to install with some mechanical back ground, hand wife help with bleeding air out of system, turn steering wheel until you get back pressure, then open valve, no different then bleeding brakes on vehicle, its good too have two quarts of Hyd steering oil, catching bleed off oil and refilling fill bottle worked great.
Joanna H. Joanna H.
Having system perform smoothly
Study what Rick you were steaks they do not tell you it takes a different bracket to change it fluid very expensive works OK should have bought SeaStar about the same price of the time you’re done
Asuare Asuare
Great product
Easy install and set up. Bleeding took about 15 minutes and then smooth effortless steering. My 2004 merc 4 stroke had become difficult to turn when trimmed all the way down and very difficult when trimmed up. Now I have to look to see if the motor is up or down. Wish I had done this years ago

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