holla2040 holla2040
Full Flat 22 inch
I like it
I've never cooked on flat top grill, so its a new experience. I like it, lots of room, kind like a very large fry pan. Its very easy to clean. A couple drawbacks to my unit, its noisy and the power light. When the burner is heating, there's a loud whine. This green front panel lit is always on whether you're using it or not.
Electric Grill Grooved And Flat Top Grill Combo 30-inch Commercial Griddle Grill
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SteveD SteveD
Semi Flat Pit 29 inch
Should have been wired for a 240v circuit!
Of course ur going to trip a 20 Amp circuit if you have 2-1500w elements. You need a 30 Amp circuit on a dedicated breaker. I regret the purchase. Made in China with Celsius-labeled heat control knobs.
Gerald Gerald
Full Flat 22 inch
Great for the price
Great value for the price. Works as advertised. Only negative was that the metal edges are very sharp. Already cut myself a few times. Still, performance has been as advertised.
Trisha Trisha
Semi Flat Pit 29 inch
Husband loves it, but...
Kind of an inconvenience you have to put a plug in on it yourself. Wires were too big for a standard head.
Regina Richards Regina Richards
Full Flat 22 inch
happy lil griddle
Thanks working great
Eliza Petrone Eliza Petrone
Full Flat 22 inch
Awesome after issue with plug. Love cooking on it
I love to cook on these. Have not been able to cook on this one yet because I got to figure out how to get it a plug and what type of plug to use. Does not have good instructions at all but I am glad I can look things up.Update: got everything hooked up and I am so in love with this griddle. I would recommend to anyone just make sure you got someone who can hook it up or get an electrician to come do it. It is well worth the it.
Stephen L Stephen L
Full Flat 22 inch
The unit works well, would like to find a user's manual for it but unable to locate one.

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