CAP187 CAP187
Full Flat 29 inch
Simple to use, spin the knob and put the food on. Great to take outside when you're having a BBQ also.
max max
Semi Flat Pit 29 inch
This grill is great. We love to cook burgers, steaks, breakfast, etc. We love this grill. So glad we purchased it. I would recommend it highly.
Sherry pace Sherry pace
Great grill
This grill is the boom !!!! I use every other day ..
Bob Bob
Full Flat 29 inch
countertop gridle
Hard to clean surface protector off cooking surface before first use. Works very good in most instances, it takes a little while to warm up to cooking temperature. Cooking temperature control is in C not F. I like the unit and would buy again if needed.
holla2040 holla2040
I like it
I've never cooked on flat top grill, so its a new experience. I like it, lots of room, kind like a very large fry pan. Its very easy to clean. A couple drawbacks to my unit, its noisy and the power light. When the burner is heating, there's a loud whine. This green front panel lit is always on whether you're using it or not.
Electric Grill Grooved And Flat Top Grill Combo 30-inch Commercial Griddle Grill
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SteveD SteveD
Semi Flat Pit 29 inch
Should have been wired for a 240v circuit!
Of course ur going to trip a 20 Amp circuit if you have 2-1500w elements. You need a 30 Amp circuit on a dedicated breaker. I regret the purchase. Made in China with Celsius-labeled heat control knobs.
TJ's TJ's
Love it! Don't hesitate with the low price. This is a great machine and cooks like a commercial name brand
Daril Daril
Full Flat 29 inch
Veramente soddisfatto... Si scalda subito.. poi tiene temperatura anche qnd è spenta... Quindi anche un risparmio energetico.. si pulisce subito .. e il cibo esce cotto a puntino.. consiglio vivamente... Anche perché il prezzo è ottimo
Martin Conde Martin Conde
Full Flat 29 inch
The great grill
I'm very happy with my grill it was more than I thought it would be.very heavy and has nice even heat though out the top and a great price
Semi Flat Pit 29 inch
burst into flames
Used it for a month, not even daily and this happened. I can't believe people are able to sell this kind of crap. My whole place could've gone up in flames
Electric Grill Grooved And Flat Top Grill Combo 30-inch Commercial Griddle Grill Electric Grill Grooved And Flat Top Grill Combo 30-inch Commercial Griddle Grill

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