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Monica Troy Monica Troy
If you aren't sure, this is your sign to get it. It is perfect!
I received more than I expected. I thought the travel bag would be a drawstring bag. It was not. It was a beautiful zippered travel case with shoulder strap and handle. The sound is amazing. I love the music included. I have played it to sooth my child to sleep. It is very calming. If you are a fan of how wind chimes sound, this is absolutely perfect. I also received the silicone finger rings. I prefer the sound of the mallets though. It is a heavier sound but I love it. I also loved the mallet stand. I am always concerned about messing up my mallets and the stand eases that concern for me. They also included extra stickers for labeling your keys Incase they are needed. I am also happy that everything that comes with this beautiful instrument fits perfectly in the travel case. All around this is so perfect. I have taken it to jobs and to friends and family with positive responses. I would purchase this item again as a gift for any age individual (infants would obviously need supervision) but this item is perfect and easy to use. You can even find more music online. All around this is an awesome instrument!!! Don't hesitate, get it!!! This is the one you have been looking for. I will post some pictures later.
Love Living Love Living
Soft music
I love these sounds, even when my child doesn't control her strength is still soft. The size is great and the material is very nice as well.
Vevor Customer Vevor Customer
Great gift idea.
Great gift idea. My Grandson loved it.

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