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Joe Joe
I was very impressed with the quality and ease in setting it up. Because of that I purchased the Genmitsu 3018 Pro CNC machine. Both pieces of equipment are working very well.
Hikerman Hikerman
THis planer\joinor is a geat machine. I have used it alot since purchase and find working as expected. I do whish the push blocks were a little softer and gripped the wood better... but other that that. I am pleased with the purchase. I would recommemd this machine to anyone who needs a good steady joiner planer...
Carlos Manuel Fernandez Alcala Carlos Manuel Fernandez Alcala
It is a team that despite being light works very well. I recommend it to other people. The price quality is very good. In general, it is a magnificent team
Chris Chris
I have to say the price for this unit caught my eye, I was actually looking for one at the time. The cost is about half of what I would have had to pay at one of the outlet stores for similar quality. I haven’t used it a lot yet cause I just got it a few weeks ago but I have tried it out and it works great. I would recommend it to someone with a home shop .
SammyC SammyC
As well this item was easy to order, track and set up. The company was very efficient in allowing me zero problems with ordering.
Jim Jim
Better than I expected!
This little jointer works great! Mine wasn't perfectly adjusted out of the box but it's totally adjustable and can be dialed in exactly right. Once it's right it stays that way. The only thing I could add it that they need to have replacement blades available and they don't. I found a company on ebay that will be making blades for this soon, so hopefully that won't be an issue. Some people complained about the surface being to rough but it's a simple fix, 320 grit paper on a orbital sander for just a few minutes and some Teflon spray and it's smooth as can be. I'm glad I bought this and recommend it to anyone looking for a small jointer.
Ian McMurray Ian McMurray
Rough cut feed tables but otherwise it works and it's cheap
The only bad thing I have to say is that the feed tables are milled pretty rough and oriented such that it's difficult to push wood through.Otherwise I've been using it for about a week and I can say+ dust collection works well with a shop vac and adaptor+ stable once it's bolted down (comes with rubber grommets for vibration reduction)+ seems like you can feed relatively quickly and still get a good finish- the fence isn't particularly impressive but you can set it up with a square and tighten it pretty well so it isn't a problemPretty hard to beat the price!
Vladimir Maytak Vladimir Maytak
just buy it
Gary Martin Gary Martin
8 inch planer jointer
I found the planer jointer to be more than adequate for what I use it for it's a good piece of equipment and I would recommend you being bought by someone else
Kevin Luvender Kevin Luvender
First off, the Jointer/Planer is Heavy, it does a good job on both it's not a $5000.00 one, but it will work & do a nice job, 1 Con thou is the dust chute You have to put it in the one Your not using so the idea here is do what You have to on the Jointer then when your done with the Jointer then You can move to the planer but if You dont then you will be changing the dust chute Each TIME.

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