Customer Reviews

Karsten Kohout Karsten Kohout
Great product
The base of these ramps is great, but the yellow cover is a little bit flimsy. Not a deal-breaker and I would go back at the price they're sold - just worth mentioning.
Wen Wen
These are on my driveway and sometimes they will shift if the driver stops right at them; but if you just drive slowly they stay in place. I'm using three of these and they connect together well and cover the entire driveway.
Susan G Susan G
These were almost exactly as I expected. The only thing I should have done was lay out a tape measure to gauge the fault.
Mike Mike
Good product
I like the way these lock together. One of the lugs broke off already, they need to improve on the design.
April M. Steenburgh April M. Steenburgh
Robust and well made
Ramps seem robust and well made, and are made of good, sturdy plastic that should hold up to consistent use. Perfect for protecting cords that have to run along a driveway without having to trench them in. Yellow color is bright and makes the ramps noticeable. Pleased.
White Turtle White Turtle
Great value
These are very similar to the more expensive ones with one exception, the rod that keeps the lid in place and also forms the hinge is loose and can fall out. I am assuming that once they get some dirt in them that will happen less. Totally not a deal breaker though the price is soo worth it. The other ones are 3 times as expensive and not that different, these will do the job.
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