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Kirk J Kirk J
Great valu
I bought these to use as a stop indicator in my garage for my wife. As I do a bit of hobby work also, these give me a place to safely run cables from one side of the garage to the other when needed. The quality seems good and they interlock nicely. The covers flip open and close easily. You can drive over them with a regular car with no issues. It is noted heavy vehicles and parking directly on top of them is not recommended. A heavier version of them is available if you need the added strength to stand up to a heavier load.
Cable protector Cable protector
Excellent product
I purchased this to protect my garden hose needed when watering a newly sown plot on the opposite side of my driveway. I works very well and can accommodate 2 separate hoses if needed. This was a great solution for my problem as it prevents the hose from being damaged.
Decent protection for the money
Bought these to run some speaker cables at a youth camp. They're pretty sturdy but I'm not parking cars on them or anything. For the price I'm pretty pleased with them as a solution to keep kids from tripping over cables.
Donald waters Donald waters
Works great
This is my third set should tell you everything
Chris Boylan Chris Boylan
Excellent choice to protect EV charging cord on a driveway
I've owned an EV for 4 years (Tesla Model 3). Because my property has an easement (a right of way for my neighbors to drive to their properties), it's tricky to charge my car. My parking spot is about 25 feet from my house. So I need to run the charging cable to the car from the house over the easement. I've tried a few different cord covers in the past, but they haven't held up that well over time - they move around too much or have simply worn out after repeated crossing of my neighbors' cars.This set of cord covers from Happybuy appear to be much sturdier than my earlier choices. Also, the fact that this cover is a bit of a ramp slows down one particularly nasty neighbor who liked to drive over my cord cover at high speed, inflicting as much damage as possible. She tried that once with the Happybuy cover in place and probably smacked her head into her car's ceiling (sorrryyy... NOT!). That slowed her down.Anyway, the HappyBuy cord protector ramps install easily, fit together well and have plenty of space for an electrical cable even thicker than my current 20 amp/12 gauge extension cord. You could easily fit a garden hose in one of the two channels. The only issue is that they do slide ever so slightly after repeated car crossings. I've just nudged them back in place with my feet, but I will probably use a bit of construction adhesive underneath them in order to anchor them more securely to the cement driveway.Will post an update if they develop any problems over time, but so far, so good.Happybuy Cord Protectors: 1 - Nasty Neighbor: 0
Sheryl R Sheryl R
I purchased these to protect a 50 Amp cord and water hose for an RV. They are heavy duty and actually better then I thought they would be. The heated water hose is a tight fit, but it does fit. The regular water hose will definitely fit. The 50 Amp cord sits in the channels perfectly. The cover (yellow) does blow up if it’s windy out, but I consider that an added bonus to deter the unsupervised boy in the RV park that keeps riding his bike over the cord and hose.
Deborah Graul Deborah Graul
Look substantial
Haven't put them into service. However upon examining them. They look like they will hold up to light car traffic.
Cedric Nelson Cedric Nelson
Awesome product
Awesome product
Karsten Kohout Karsten Kohout
Great product
The base of these ramps is great, but the yellow cover is a little bit flimsy. Not a deal-breaker and I would go back at the price they're sold - just worth mentioning.
Daniel and Doug Sosa Daniel and Doug Sosa
Google product
we own a dj company so cords running about are apart of the set up, loved the channel to place the cord and bright yellow color makes it hard for party guess to miss it so they dont trip, loved that we can combine to fit our needs for the space, highly recommend.
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